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Good underwired BF Bra?

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pleasechange Wed 22-Oct-08 20:39:44

I'm sure I read a thread about this recently, where someone recommended a nice underwired bf bra, but I can't remember what make it was.

I've been perservering with my non-wired ones but am sick of them now and need a new one anyway (I'm an F cup so really need some wire!)

DeJaVous Wed 22-Oct-08 20:44:57

Anita make an under wired feeding bra, I think it goes up to an F. TBH I never found one to fit me.

These kits saved the day, I just buy bras that fit really well and all it takes is 10 minutes sewing! You're not stuck with nasty dowdy BF bras either, which is nicewink

2cats2many Wed 22-Oct-08 20:46:34

I've got a couple of these

MamaChris Wed 22-Oct-08 20:51:25

I have a couple of Anita ones. Similar to this, but not identical. Have lasted really well (8 months and counting) and are comfortable. If you're getting underwired, though, make sure they fit really well - the wire needs to be pressing against ribcage rather than breast tissue all the way round, I've heard, to avoid risk of mastitis.

pleasechange Thu 23-Oct-08 09:17:37

Thanks all, that's given me some ideas!

MrsBadger Thu 23-Oct-08 09:22:32

(my best were from H&M but don't think thewy go up to an F)

chandellina Thu 23-Oct-08 18:16:25

i also have some nice H&M ones. Don't know about F but I have one that's an E.

elvisgirl Thu 23-Oct-08 23:30:51

Those kits are an ace idea - ta for the tip (G cup here).
Only thing with an underwire is that I wouldn't wear it if you knew you weren't going to feed for a while as it could cut in if you filled up with milk and didn't pump or feed. That can happend with a soft cup too but would be worse with wire.

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