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Nervous about going away overnight...

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theLoneFeeder Tue 21-Oct-08 16:39:42

My 10 month old is breast fed and feeds frequently through the night. Anything from 2 - 7 times. My husband and I have a night out in 1 month's time and he's keen for the boys to go to my parents to stay. My parents are also keen to have them both

My concern is - how will my little one be without the breast during the night? I'll of course provide expressed you think he'll be ok???

Very worried - looking for some reassurance or someone to tell me not to be daft

UmMwahahahaaaaa Tue 21-Oct-08 17:12:01

I'm sure he will be fine. He will be loved and fed! My mum has had frequently waking dd from 8 weeks (can't belive it when she reminded me - she was bottlefed though...). My mum would lie next to dd if she needed it too - she is fab.

It will be fine. He might miss you but he will be cuddled and reassured. And if your other son is there all the better smile

theLoneFeeder Tue 21-Oct-08 17:32:21

Thanks so much for replying This is my first post and it's a subject I'm really anxious about. To have such a lovely reply is very reassuring

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