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Formula until 3 years of age?

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LittleOneMum Mon 20-Oct-08 15:05:56

Sorry if this is the wrong thread... I am about to wean my one year old off formula until my Mum (who lives in France) says that in France they recommend that you continue giving your child formula until they are 3 to ensure that they get all the right vitamins etc. I usually do trust the French on these issues. So what's the right thing to do? Any views?

hunkermunker Mon 20-Oct-08 15:08:34

In some countries, they have milk for pregnany women, the elderly, people with short hair, people with beards. Doesn't mean it's necessary, just means there are people who are willing to buy it.

PortAndDemon Mon 20-Oct-08 15:11:42

If she's eating a well-balanced diet I can't see any reason that formula would be of any benefit. And if she isn't eating a well-balanced diet then a vitamin supplement would be easier and more cost-efective.

Iloveautumn Mon 20-Oct-08 15:15:22

I kept my ds on formula til he was 2 as I was worried about vits/iron etc but when I did stop his constipation miraculously stopped too, so I think all that iron was actually making him constipated...

Apart from an improvement in his health I haven't noticed any other effects from stopping formula.

combustiblelemon Mon 20-Oct-08 15:23:26

Probably because UHT milk tastes bleurghh. It's not necessary, Cows milk will be fine.

MadamDeathstare Mon 20-Oct-08 15:25:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aurorec Mon 20-Oct-08 15:30:23

As a French person who's seen how things are done over there, I wouldn't trust them on infant nutrition!

What your mum is talking about is basically follow-on milk with vitamins added, there is no need for it if your LO is getting a balanced diet, expensive and pointless IMO.

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