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Lactose intolerance?

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toadstool Sun 19-Oct-08 22:11:47

DD2 is 13 months old and has suddenly developed what looks like a lactose intolerance. Is this possible?
It coincided with changing from Hipp Organic to Aptamil. She is still BF at night.
HippO was fine in the day from 6 months, but seemed to give her runny poos and I was constantly being told off by the nursery for her "diarrhoea" . With Aptamil, she wakes up several times around 2AM-4AM in (what looks like) pain, back-arching and screaming, farts horribly, and has reverted to the infamous 'diarrhoea'.
I think it might well be me (my BF milk), but the GP thinks it's a good idea to look into lactose intolerance.
Meanwhile, I tried Nanny Care (goat milk formula) last night and today - if anything, she's worse: the farting had started by 8PM tonight.
If I seem dim for not changing the Aptamil immediately, I can only say that it's taken a while to realise that the gut rot is happening every night.
Any suggestions? I can't find Infasoy in the shops this weekend.

thisisyesterday Sun 19-Oct-08 22:14:37

it seems unlikely to me., but then I'm no expert.

I would have said that it's the new formula. I'd put her back onto hipp., or try something different.
aptamil didn't agree with ds1 either.

(also, if she'd 13m you don't need to give formula at all, really, if you don't want to)
how much BF does she get?

toadstool Sun 19-Oct-08 22:29:05

Good to know that Aptamil didn't agree with your DS either. She gets 2 BFs in the evening, then 1 in the night - too much imo, and it's gone up because she feeds herself back to sleep when she's this distressed. (I'm in "get her to sleep by any means" mode most nights - I'm working full-time -). We're in a vicious circle, basically - she's feeding more, the tummy's bad, etc. Back to newborn colic, in fact.
OK, I'll try Hipp again. How long does it take to get the Aptamil out of her system?

gigglewitch Sun 19-Oct-08 22:33:07

look wider than lactose intolerance. My dc have CMPI - cows milk protein intolerance, they are strangely not (afaik) intolerant to lactose. wink

thisisyesterday Sun 19-Oct-08 22:34:11

I woul;dn't have thought it'd take too long, but I'd give it around a week or so, to be sure.

bless her, nothing wrong with the getting to sleep by any means method! I'm rather an old hand in that myself lol

toadstool Sun 19-Oct-08 22:36:29

Thank you! Does CMPI have the same symptoms? I've knocked all dairy out of DD's diet this weekend, except for the goat stuff, in the hope that I'd spot a reaction if it happened. Goat's milk has lactose too, so if she's comfy with it, I'll look for CMPI.

gigglewitch Sun 19-Oct-08 22:40:55

yes we use goats milk and cheese etc, alpro yogurts and DD (my dc#3) made it on to hipp organic follow on milk, which doesn't have any of the cows milk proteins that the boys have a problem with. She is the least affected by cmpi and we really keep her dairy-free to control her asthma and eczema, whereas ds1 especially has major digestion problems and treats anything 'cow' as food poisoning shock sad

sorry if i babble, i think i have forgotten punctuation tonight...

tiktok Sun 19-Oct-08 23:20:09

toadstool, there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that the prebiotics in formula (not present in all, but deffo present in Aptamil) may cause gut problems - there have been a few reports on mumsnet about this.

toadstool Mon 20-Oct-08 21:03:24

Thank you all - I'll get some Hipp Organic Follow-On and see. Night 2 on the goat's milk was if anything even worse - atrocious wind and pain from 3 to 4AM. One problem is that she doesn't really burp any more, so it all festers, I guess (TMI)...

gigglewitch Mon 20-Oct-08 21:16:45

ohh gawd, poor her - and you! sad It tended to take 3 days or so (well, more than 48hrs at any rate) for 'bad stuff' to get out of ds1's system. might be worth trying to stay as you are for a couple of days???
can you get back to the gp and be referred to the dietician and also ask for some allergy testing?
If nobody's said already, keep a food diary and write absolutely everything that she has in it, and a brief description of symptoms/how well she is.
Good ammunition for visiting gp's, paeds, dieticians etc.

BTW, this is the website our GP sent us to see when we first had problems with ds1 and milk.

Charliecheckers Wed 22-Oct-08 23:35:57

Toadstool i could of written part of you post about waking up at night in pain trying to get the farts out...unconsolable at times...and also not burping that much

I was giving DS#2 soy based forumla(s26 Soy in Australia)..untill recently as it was getting way out of controll..!

saw my CHN and DOC ,...he is now on PEPTI JUNIOR...for protein intolerances both in cow and soy...the wind seems to be getting less around this time in the morn..but still stirs

my DOC too said it will take a week for everything to settle...
((Hugs)) hun...hope it settles for you soon


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