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Anyone going to the Baby Friendly Conference?

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waitingtobloom Sun 19-Oct-08 20:14:43

I would so love to go this year. I am a BFC trainee and am just finishing up my phd based around encouraging breastfeeding rates and it looks fantastic. Cost isnt an issue as could use bursary money nor is timing.

I have a 6 week old DD though and I live in Wales and its in Glasgow. Am I mad to even consider going? She would be 11 weeks ish I think. I presume a BF baby would be welcome (as long as fairly quiet) by the nature of the conference lol. Would also be going by train as really scared of flying and this is just multiplied by the idea of taking a baby on board. Checked train times and around 7 hours but all I do is breastfeed all day anyway lol.

Is anyone else going? Anyone mad enough in a similar situation? Is in Bournemouth next year which is closer but may even be harder with a 1.2 year old.

DH should be able to cope with DS fine - have been away to conferences before but am guessing this may be 4 days as its such a way there.

Any ideas?

mawbroon Sun 19-Oct-08 20:47:42

not something I would probably go to, but maybe if you put something on MN local for Glasgow then you might be able to meet with some of them while you are there.

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