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Once started how quickly does a bottle of EBM need to be used in?

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waitingtobloom Sun 19-Oct-08 20:09:27

I know there are rules with formula - is it throw away after an hour I'm not sure - but what about EBM?

We are just trying DD out on a bottle for the first time so not encouraging big feeds just more getting used to the idea of a bottle. I used about 3 oz yesterday and she drunk about 1.5 oz and then decided she wanted the real thing so I just fed her. Threw the rest away but was wondering how long you could keep trying with it - shes a snacker and likes to feed hourly in the day a lot of the time and cluster feeds in the evening for an hour or so.

Is it the same as with formula or can it last a bit longer?


nickytwoooohtimes Sun 19-Oct-08 20:14:22

Afaik, it needs used in one go as bacteria will breed very fast in any type of milk once it is in the air. I wouldn't reuse it.

waitingtobloom Sun 19-Oct-08 20:15:38

Great thanks - will just have to freeze and use in smaller quantities maybe.


CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Sun 19-Oct-08 20:16:06

This link says you can keep it for 6 to 8 hours at room temp even if DD has drunk some. It has a few different viewpoints but I would go with about that amount of time. The milk's antibacterial properties mean you can keep it longer than formula.

nickytwoooohtimes Sun 19-Oct-08 20:17:46

I stand corrected!
I'd still ditch it - I am paranoid about milk and germs [ocd emoticon]

MurderousMarla Sun 19-Oct-08 20:20:05

Don't throw it away so quickly, it's bloody precious shock

EBM can be reheated twice so I'd stick it back in the fridge and use in a few hours.

waitingtobloom Sun 19-Oct-08 20:23:24

Oooh interesting! I think Id get a bit twitchy using it 6 hours later but good to know i have a few hours grace...

Thats great news for when she eventually goes to nursery too.

Saying that DS refused a bottle after the first few attempts and just didnt drink at nursery.

We shall see...

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