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mix feeding not working

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somesunshineplease Sun 19-Oct-08 14:54:38

I am going back to work in a few weeks and have started mix feeding so i can get dd2 onto the bottle gradually. She's 4 months old, and I did this with dd1 successfully at the same stage. However dd2 isn't having any of it - she does take the bottle for a couple of ounces but once she realises what's going on she refuses point blank to have any more. So I end up offering breast which in turn exacerbates the problem as she knows it's still available. Anyone had this problem and have suggestions? I'm loath to go cold turkey....

tiktok Sun 19-Oct-08 17:33:12

Don't see the rush, here .... unless you plan to fully formula feed when you return to work, there's no need to do anything at this point. In a few weeks she can have ebm or formula in a cup and in 2 mths time she can start solids, so you may find you never have to use a bottle at can bf when you are with her, and she can cup feed/have solid food when you aren't

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