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why is my milk making ds2 throw up?

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havingaparty Sun 19-Oct-08 06:34:24

ds2 (just turned 1) has started throwing up after every feed. Everything comes back he does not seem upset and gets up to play or goes straight back to sleep afterwards.
He is keeping food, water and juice down so only my milk is making him sick.
I can't think of anything different I have eaten and I don't know what to do. Do I keep feeding him and hope whatever it is goes soon?

Mij Sun 19-Oct-08 15:23:16

Sorry I don't have any answers re: the whys of it, or if it could be something else - I'm sure a BFC will be along in a bit - but can i just ask when your DS's milk feeds are? Entirely separate to other meals and drinks? First thing and last thing? Some other times?

Just wondering if experimenting with timing/mixing it up with other food might help (although of course it might make him throw everything else up too!) Just a thought...

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