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Help Needed on Going Through the Night!

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Amberc Sat 18-Oct-08 16:51:20

My 17 week old baby has decided to drop 2 feeds at once instead of dropping the night feed and then the dream feed. He absolutely will not take a dream feed and gets very frustrated at having been woken (he will however take one if he wakes himself but this is rare). He also won't take anything any more in the night if he wakes. Now most people would think this was great however instead of us waking once for our nice predictable night feed, we are now up and down all night trying to settle a very restless baby who seems to wake almost every hour wanting to be turned on his side or a dummy (eventually waking at about 5am and not going back to sleep). I know that if he has a drean feed he is much better but there is no way to get it down him. Does anyone have any ideas? He is also miserable as he's tired all day (and so am I).

babyOcho Sat 18-Oct-08 19:07:08

Have you tried not waking him for his dream feed?

We stopped waking DD for hers and I just go in there and put her on the breast, empties the first breast and has a bit from the second. We stopped waking her because she got annoyed with us for waking her.

She still wakes for a feed somewhere between 2.30-4am, but this helps her... she is 7 months.

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