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Oh, oh, oh, oh, humour me, will you? Hunker's blog now has POLLS!

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hunkermunker Wed 15-Oct-08 23:53:17

Go on, one little click grin

And suggestions for other polls welcome!


CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Thu 16-Oct-08 00:05:27

How about one asking whether you were offered formula in hospital whilst trying to establish bfing? Don't know whether that would be relevant. I was, and in hindsight I was bloody furious about it. I rang the bell asking for help with latching DD on as I was struggling. Was a bit tearful as you are postbirth. Woman straight away offered to give her formula and take her off so I could have a rest. I in a haze of exhaustion and hormones agreed. Looking back I think she just couldn't be bothered helping me again. When I learned more about the virgin gut I was so annoyed with them. DD was fine, no reason for formula at all. Didn't expect that to turn into a rant blushgrin

gigglewitch Thu 16-Oct-08 00:10:11


Nice one hunker smile

MarsLady Thu 16-Oct-08 00:11:10

It asked me to leave extra info but there was no place for it!

gigglewitch Thu 16-Oct-08 00:13:10

me too

CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Thu 16-Oct-08 00:14:26

It asked me to as well. I just selected other instead and put my info in.

hunkermunker Thu 16-Oct-08 00:15:24

Hmm, I'm not 100% happy with it. I can't see the info people have put in for "Other" Wordpress are promising upgrades.

Hey ho! Thanks for all your responses so far!

CharCharBaGOOOOOOORE Thu 16-Oct-08 00:18:00

Will leave a comment with my 'other' info.

lisad123 Thu 16-Oct-08 00:25:28


could you maybe link to somewhere we could find our local breastfeeding training eg peer support?

hunkermunker Thu 16-Oct-08 00:26:28

I was going to write a post about the different ways you could train to do peer support/breastfeeding counselling training.

You have reminded me.

I will do it v soon! Thank you!

gigglewitch Sun 19-Oct-08 14:04:24

do it, huker smile

did mine through sure start, they ran the LLL peer counsellors course and 8 of us did it. it was fab. have had the opportunity to use it even more than I expected to - which can only be good.

PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 19-Oct-08 14:09:57

You need to either merge 'other' and 'over a year' or remove the please say how long because I got very confused when it wouldn't let me write in other how long when I ticked over a year!

Aitch Sun 19-Oct-08 14:11:04

nowhere for us mixfeeders...

melpomene Sun 19-Oct-08 14:16:33

52% over a year

How are you publicising this, and what do you want to do with the results? It looks like it's not exactly a representative sample of the population so far. (I don't mean that as a criticism of you - would be great if 52% of babies (or more) really were fed for over a year.)

hunkermunker Sun 19-Oct-08 19:19:10

It's publicised on MN so far. I just got excited when I saw polls (it's a new feature) and did the first thing I could think of. Scientific, eh?! blush

Will think through the next one a bit better...!

Thank you for all the answers so far. Sorry it was a bit rubbish!

S1ur Sun 19-Oct-08 19:32:28

Right done it mate, did I tell you I linked soemone to your blog just t'other day. They were being adivsed to wean early hopefully she looked...

Anyway, faaaab blog as ever.

future polls could include

what support you received,
what would have helped establish bfing in hospital,
feelings about bfing - intiamcy/fears about amount baby is getting, claustrophboia, pride etc.
barriers to bfing - going back to work, bfing in public etc.

hunkermunker Sun 19-Oct-08 19:40:06

Thank you, Slur! Hope she looked too! Thanks for the poll ideas - I'll see what I can put together. I'd like them to be conversation starters, really, I think - it's hard to sum up one's experience with a blob in a circle!

BabiesEverywhere Mon 20-Oct-08 08:56:03

Posted. I clicked Other and added a comment and then selected 'over a year' and hit submit. I wonder if you got my comment on the poll (I added one as a blog comment too)

hunkermunker Mon 20-Oct-08 13:28:28

I've just approved it, BE! Thank you! How's it going? Have you been back to bf group recently?!

SharpMolarBear Mon 20-Oct-08 18:08:01

i only got one question - is that right/

BabiesEverywhere Mon 20-Oct-08 18:09:47

Hi Hunker,

The breastfeeding group is so much better. The HCA who I complained about so much on here, has moved to another job with school aged children. Where hopefully she will do a lot of good and not encounter any breastfeeding mothers !!!

Replacing her is a set of very nice HV's. I have been to a few sessions and they have been very helpful with me and the other mums. One HV even had the big LLL Book of answers which is a fab reference book (I have it)

I am tandem nursing with a ton of milk. But sadly the milk bank won't take any off me as I had a transfusion last year So I am waiting for my milk supply to alter downwards.

My daughter has really taken to her new brother and asks me to put him down so she can cuddle him and my newborn son is so wonderful, content and has started to give heart melting smiles.

So all in all, I doing very well indeed. grin

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