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Getting rid of a blocked duct - best massage technique and how long should it take?

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naturelover Wed 15-Oct-08 14:29:28

Just got my first blocked duct, have been applying heat and massaging, including during feeding. Is there a "correct" way to massage it out? Two days now and it's not shifting yet.

Thanks in advance!

PortAndDemon Wed 15-Oct-08 14:33:12

I have tended to

- have hot shower and massage blocked area towards nipple
- get out of shower, feed DC on that side (with massage)
- have another hot shower
- feed DC again

and keep this up on a two-hourly (or so) cycle until it shifts (has generally taken two or three showers' worth)

Applying hot compresses never seemed to work as well as the shower.

I have heard of "combing" to shift a blocked duct but have never tried it.

wotnopulling Wed 15-Oct-08 14:39:08

echo all portanddemon says. i do hot bath rather than shower and when you feed if you try to lean over baby so boob 'dangles' a bit so you get good access to massage.

worked for me twice BUT i have mastitis now and i went to docs when i couldn't shift it in 24 hours as you need to act quick. if you start to feel flu-y or get red patches on boob go see gp as mastitis can be v nasty (i speak from bitter experience).

good luck.

naturelover Wed 15-Oct-08 15:36:15

Thanks very much for the tips.
I've already had the pain for about 4 days and no fever so far, but will work harder at trying to shift it because mastitis sounds horrible.

BagsUnderMyEyes Wed 15-Oct-08 16:02:24

Take ibuprofen as often as you can. It works a treat for me.

BagsUnderMyEyes Wed 15-Oct-08 16:02:56

Take ibuprofen as often as you can. It works a treat for me.

Bucharest Wed 15-Oct-08 16:08:27

Can you see the white tip of the duct on your nipple? If you can and can bear it- then a sterilised needle poked in will clear it straightaway. (I did that with mine- literally felt the boob deflating) (got the advice from Dr Sears website btw- didn't invent it to be masochistic or anything!)xx

BananaSkin Wed 15-Oct-08 16:14:40

Ewwww - lancing your own ducts. That sounds hideously painful, but glad it worked.

Last time, I just kept feeding and feeding. It always pains me to think of poor innocent little babies happily sucking out yucky milk that has been sitting around in a blocked duct, but it seems not to do any harm to them.

poppy34 Wed 15-Oct-08 19:39:20

combing only seemed to make my skin as rough as a badgers arse

Puppster Wed 15-Oct-08 19:43:43

I combed whilst feeding and in shower, but using my knuckles - middle ones on fingers iyswim, in a sort of rolling motion. Took 3-4 days to clear completely

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