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Any reason 3mth ds can't use a cup for the occasional EBM feed?

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UmMwahahahaaaaa Wed 15-Oct-08 10:59:00

Well, he took a bottle sort of ok at 6 weeks, but now can't cope at all. Just doesn't know what to do with it.

I could persist and try with the bottle (using TT Closer to Nature)... but I tried him on dd's TT First cup today and he seemed to be able to drink from it. But it seems wrong for a baby to use a cup rather than a bottle. Is there any real reason he can't use this if I - heaven forbid - actually go out?

Or should I try the NUK one? Will he be able to drink enough from a cup? Do I have to introduce a bottle (if I want to go out I mean, obv I could continue to bf)?


ShowOfHands Wed 15-Oct-08 11:00:17

DD never had a bottle but was fine with a cup for the odd drink of EBM here and there.

Ooh, going out. I remember that.

UmMwahahahaaaaa Wed 15-Oct-08 18:42:59

Cheers, that's fab - anyone else got any advice?

And yes, I am notsure how/if/when this hypothtical 'going out' will occur, but it'd be nice if perhaps they could! grin

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