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Those of you who couldn't get pg whilst bfing....

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VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 10:32:27

What did you do?
A couple of use on my post-natal thread want to start ttcing but don't want to stop BFing.

fishie Tue 14-Oct-08 10:47:14

i can't face giving up bf in case i still don't get pg. ds is 3.5 now and only feeds twice a day so i can't believe it makes that much difference.

Grappa Tue 14-Oct-08 10:49:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 11:18:22

Oh no! Don't say that, I really don't want to stop.sad

The babies are just turning 6 months. I did think about getting a big store of ebm and cutting down feeds from me to see if that helped (My theory is that if I was still bfing and it didn't work then I could just re-establish my supply anyway), I'm still feeding at least once a night and four times a day so my periods might come back if I stop night feeds, I know not all of us are still feeding at night though.

scorpio1 Tue 14-Oct-08 11:21:10

Is it the night feeding that does it? or a combination?

Lionstar Tue 14-Oct-08 11:26:52

I was worried that I'd have to at least cut down bf to conceive. We started TTC without doing any cutting down, and managed it after only 3 months of trying. DD is 19 months and still has about 5 feeds a day, often including a night one.

BTW my periods returned at about 5.5 months, at the exact moment we started tentatively weaning.

twentynine Tue 14-Oct-08 11:29:32

VS - I'm under a pseudonym but you know me - I can't believe you are ready for another one already <in awe and slight panic>. I conceived without stopping night feeds, but I did have to decrease my body weight to do so - apparently it can help if you are a bit too big to lose a bit of weight.

Alternatively three months supply of the pill apparently helps because your body goes into hormonal overdrive when you stop it.

scorpio1 Tue 14-Oct-08 11:38:29

no, no pill here, ever! Made me really funny when i took it postnatally. I don't need to loose weight....

Is stoppign the night the easiest way to try first off?

VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 11:49:15

I can't do the pill it made me go crazymad.

<<tries to work out who 29 is>>

We've started weaning but we're doing blw and ds isn't eating much yet.

fishie Tue 14-Oct-08 11:59:10

you could ask gp for blood test to see whether you are ovulating. my periods came back at 4 months anyway so i am just not getting pg.

roomforthree Tue 14-Oct-08 12:06:45

I conceived when dd was 8 months, and still demand fed day and night. Baby 3 is due Saturday grin DD still going strong at nearly 17 months. Good luck, it is possible!

crokky Tue 14-Oct-08 12:17:47

To the OP - I couldn't get pg when bf even though I had been having regular periods since DS started solids. After he was 1, I was down to just 1 feed a day and still couldn't get pg. When I stopped bf, I had a long cycle (presumably hormones evening themselves out). Then a normal cycle, then conceived DD. So personally, i do think the only answer is to give up BF.

VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 12:18:07

Are you ovulating fishie or are they faux periods? I read somewhere that you can have periods but not ovulate when BFing.

PigeonPie Tue 14-Oct-08 12:29:26

VS I got pg when bfing DS1. He was about 16 months and was on 2 feeds a day by then I think.

VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 12:31:33

16 months!! I want the next born by then!! Tell you what PP you can come round and feed A three times a day and then once I'm pg I'll re lactate k?grin

NorthernLurker Tue 14-Oct-08 12:43:00

VS - sorry if this is stating the obvious but why don't you just abandon contraception and see what happens? There are many, many people in the world who are proof of the fact that breastfeeding is not an effective contraceptive - especially when you are feeding older babies. Good Luck!

VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 12:58:32

I abandoned it months ago grin

liahgen Tue 14-Oct-08 13:01:02

I have just cut my 17 mth dd down to one feed per day in a last ditch attempt to get periods back.

After 2 mths, I got 1st period since she was born so am hoping it will mean everything is fine now.

Bought some cheap ov sticks from ebay. Am on day11 and no plus yet, but we'll see.

I was giving it one more month, then plan was to stop feeding although was very about it. I am 42 so time is not on our side.

Hopefully this will be no. 6

Good luck. x

liahgen Tue 14-Oct-08 13:01:48

meant to say was very sad about it.

Am still feeding her once a day now, so hopefully we'll get best of both worlds.

VictorianSqualorSquelchNSquirm Tue 14-Oct-08 13:05:34

I completely understand. I really desperately do NOT want to stop BFing.

scorpio1 Tue 14-Oct-08 13:07:06

neither do I.

fishie Tue 14-Oct-08 13:24:14

def ovulating vs, it hurts

NorthernLurker Tue 14-Oct-08 16:08:01

Righ I'm with you sorry. It was just because you said in your first post 'start' ttc and I couldn't see why you didn't just start and see what happens grin
In terms of useful advice or info I think that the only thing I can offer is that with dd1 and dd2 I got my period back at 9 months. The majority of those who I've discussed this with grin also got theirs back within a year. Therefore maybe you could decide to feed up to a year and if there is no action on the ttc front THEN decide about giving up. It would be a shame to stop now when you'd have to faff about so much with bottles etc.

Grappa Tue 14-Oct-08 16:49:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SharpMolarBear Tue 14-Oct-08 17:25:23

getting on this thread
have been ttc with no periods for about 3 weeks now

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