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4 month old refusing bottle

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Mcmini Sat 05-Mar-05 10:46:40

hi there,
My 4 months old DD has suddenly decided that she doesn't want her bottle. She has only recently started on one meal a day of solids, but she is only taking 3oz of her normal feeds in a go. With a fight we are getting about 25oz in her in a day ,but she has started waking in the night, and basically screams the house down every feed but wont take it. I tried changing the teats on her bottle but that did not work. Just last week sh was draining 5 6.5oz bottles and now i dont know what to do. She will take nothing this morning and it was 5am since her last feed, it is now 10.45. She has no tummy pains cause when you stop the tantrum she is all smiles and wants to play. I really dont know what to do.
Could this be because of teething? Her gums are rock hard and she keeps her fists in there all the time. And tries to chomp on my fingers given the chance. she drools a bit, and tries to bite a teething ring.

Gosh cant you tell i am a first time mom.Anyway, am worried about her not feeding. I dont want to be forcing her to take a bottles cause i dont want any negative experience of feeding for her at this young age.

champs Sat 05-Mar-05 11:12:35

do you give her the food after her milk or before. if before her tummy may be full.

i think the age for weaning is 6mths but i know some babies gear towards this earlier. could it be that she is crying for food rather than milk?

also you say she may be teething I'm wondering if this may be putting her off, maybe you can try one of those bobbly teats which massage gums whilst feeding.

I must add that I am not a profesional only tips from experience. mears or pupuce may be able to help better.
have you tried your h/v for some advice?

MrsBigD Sat 05-Mar-05 11:36:43

fist in mouth and chomping on everything sounds like my ds. He started on solids quite early and now if we eat in front of him he wont eat his slop but wants what we are having! So yesterday he had 1/2 small tin of dd's pasta shapes and was loving it with no choking or the like - I know... bad mother

Also usually ds is an absolute hoover for food, but a week before a tooth comes through he totally went off food, which was an indication that somethign was afoot... now he's got 2 teeth.

dd was always a very bad eater and all I could do grind my teeth and bear it.

Shell150 Sat 05-Mar-05 11:37:18

HI there i had the same prob with my now 8 months old DD as sn as we gave her, her first soilds she decided that she didnt want milk needless 2 say i still have a hugeeeeeee prob with her taking it .
Some things i tried which didnt work for me but might work for your DD? was changing her bottle you can get avent non spill cups the non spill bit comes out so she doesnt have to suck it? this help her for a couple of days, i also changed the teats etc,

Could well b her teeth as my DD wont look at milk when her teeth are coming through she 'Pops' the teat instead.

Sure someone will come along with some better ideas though

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