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What are the signs of DS weaning himself off me?

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ILikeYourSleeves Mon 13-Oct-08 20:03:36

My DS will be one year old in a few weeks, I am still breastfeeding him mainly just upon waking and before his bedtime now. He occasionally has a feed in the afternoon if we are at home. I think my milk is right down as my boobs haven't felt full in ages, and he is hardly feeding much at all. He wakes around 5-7am and I always bring him into our bed and feed him while I snooze some more, he usually takes a good feed here. But over the last week or so he seems barely interested in the bedtime feed, he has a few sooks then either bites me or looks about the room. He then usually does better on the other boob (he seems to favour the left one!) but only for a few minutes as he keeps coming off. I don't persist with it so put him to bed and he then goes to sleep perfectly fine by himself. So he doesn't really seem that bothered about it! Is that a sign that he is weaning himself off me? I will be to stop but I'm glad we have reached a year.

Another question is re his milk intake now. He is on 3 good meals a day but I'm aware that he's probably not getting much milk now, so should I just start giving him cows milk to get extra into him? When would I give him milk? At mealtimes or as a snack or both? And is plain old cows milk fine or should I buy one of those special toddler formula ones?

Thanks for any advice

Imawurzel Mon 13-Oct-08 21:04:09

Sorry no advice but i will be watching this thread, i am feeding my DD morning and bedtime, but she still wakes in the night for a feed.
Am interested to read replies.

RhinestoneCowghoul Mon 13-Oct-08 21:07:01

Well DS kept going on one feed a day from about 18 months (the morning one). Also feeling less full doesn't mean that there's no milk there.

Full fat cows milk is fine from 1, remember that milk can also be taken in cereal, other cooking, yogurts, cheese etc. I wouldn't bother with special toddler formula

ILikeYourSleeves Mon 13-Oct-08 21:27:07

I have been making up his cereal with cows milk for months now and he has yoghurt and / or cheese every day so hopefully that will be plenty calcium. I think I will try him out on cows milk tomorrow from his cup, I'll still offer him the boob AM & PM though.

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