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Still breastfeeding your 16 month DC? Please can we compare notes.

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FeelingLucky Mon 13-Oct-08 10:25:50

DD has never really demand fed - she rarely demands so I've always just offered which is why I'm so unsure about her nursing and whether I'm doing the right thing.

At about 9 months DD was down to 3 feeds a day (morning, bedtime and afternoon) and this has been pretty much the way until nursery (when afternoon feed was, and is still, 183ml carton of cow's milk - most of the time she has all of it, other times she has very little).

I always breastfeed her first thing in the morning and then DH and I will have a cuppa in bed. Recently, DD has been demanding (ie reaching out for) the glass of water by our bedside table and she'll drink loads of it - this is after her breastfeed. So, for the past few mornings, I've thought, "Well, if she's having water, she might as well have cows milk." This has been a big hit. (I make sure I give her the cow's milk after breastfeed.)

My problem really is that I had been hoping that I wouldn't wean her myself but she would self-wean. But I don;t want to deprive her of cow's milk if that's what she wants in morning.
Just wondered what other 16 month old nursing patterns were?

Hope a few of you can let me know what your DCs are like at this age. None of the RL Mums I know with children DD's age are breastfeeding, everyone seems to stop after a year and I'm beginning to feel a bit odd.

Sybella Mon 13-Oct-08 10:50:28

Don't feel odd! I am still feeding ds2 at 17 months. He too hasn't really demanded a breastfeed for months, it's more that he still expects it iyswim.

He only has one feed just before bed, doesn't ask really just lays down and waits. If he asked for some in the day then I would feed him but he really isn't bothered. In the morning he reaches out for the water by the bed also.

I really don't know when to actively wean as i was waiting for him to self wean as well.

Hope this helps.

FeelingLucky Mon 13-Oct-08 13:34:58

Thanks Sybella.
Glad there's another DC out there like mine.
Do you give your DS the water when he reaches out for it as well?
When DD reaches out for the water/mug of cow's milk makes me feel a bit crap as if my milk isn't good enough for her.

It's just a bit lonely when you hear all about these boob addicts and your child has to be offered. At one point, I went through another crisis in confidence over this issue as I felt maybe I was forcing my DD to nurse, but after a bit of googling I realise you can lead a child to breast milk but can't make him/her drink!

Sybella Mon 13-Oct-08 15:57:39

I know how you feel with regards to thinking you force your dd to drink but like you say she wouldn't if she didn't want to.

I do let ds2 drink the water he reaches out for and he does ask throughout the day as well so I think he is happy just bfing at night. I'm sure she doesn't think your breast milk is crap, she just wants to try everything especially if it's yours!

I don't know about you dd but the look on ds2's face when he's finished and is all sleepy makes me think that although water is ok in the day, only my milk will do at bed time.

I'm with you feeling lonely with boob addicts. At my BFing support group there are quite a few over ones still feeding and they are constantly demanding milk whilst ds2 just potters around. I find myself constantly saying "I am still feeding, honest!" (sorry about the long post ds2 sleeping on my lap and am waiting to pick up dd from school so have plenty of time on my hands for a change)

Notanexcitingname Mon 13-Oct-08 17:42:26

My DS rarely asked, either, and he loves cow's milk (traitor angry). I very strongly felt that I wanted to offer him the option of breastmilk until he was past two, so actually wouldn't offer cow's milk as an option. I'd happily let him have water after if he wanted, though.

Breastfeeding is so mucy more than nutrition at this age; I bet she's not be happy with just cow's milk instead of a nice booby snuggle

SharpMolarBear Mon 13-Oct-08 18:31:11

DS is almost 18 months, demand fed, happily takes cows milk when I#'m not around, always happily taken a bottle.
Basically he just likes milk, mama milk best but he's not fussy

FeelingLucky Mon 13-Oct-08 18:49:37

Glad to know I'm not alone, especially feeling upset with DD wanting cow's milk.
Just put her down to sleep - she didn't stay on breast for long tonight ... oh well, I'm going to put it down to her slightly stuffy nose.

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