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please help bring wind up !!!

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caz1512 Sun 12-Oct-08 14:15:28

im really struggling bringing my 3 week old babies wind up she just holds on to it an gets really unsettled any tips tried infacol and dentinox someone suggested woodwards gripe water not to be used till one month will it harm her now

LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Sun 12-Oct-08 14:23:20

Some positions that work for my DS who gets really deep wind are - sitting on your lap, pu one hand over his tummy, let him curl over that hand and rub/pat his back while putting some pressure on the tummy, usually you can sort of feel the wind. Then from time to time jig your knee abit. THen after a while I change to an over the shoulder position varying between him being quite upright, tummy pushed into me and rub/pat/jig then over the shoulder where he is actually over my shoulder with my shoulder pushing into his tummy and pat/rub etc. 9/10 times one of these works but it can take a while, but you can usually feel the wind and can varying positions etc.

TheHedgeWitch Sun 12-Oct-08 17:29:26

Message withdrawn

Mercy Sun 12-Oct-08 17:32:15

Agree with the advice here - if you get really desparate lay her on her tummy on the floor for a few seconds.

But be careful, she may possett so use a muslin or something

tiktok Sun 12-Oct-08 17:36:53

caz, what makes you sure it is wind that is bothering her? Tell us a bit more about what's happening.

mustsleep Sun 12-Oct-08 17:40:28

have you tried sitting her on your knee with one hand supporting her the way Lady said and one hand on her back and then move her round in a cirlcular motion like she is doing a hula hoop but slowly this normally works for me... and i had two collicy babies this current one (5 wks) not too bad but still windy on a night

have you kept up with the infacol as it's supposed to work better the longer you use it

there is also Colief that breaks down the lactose in the milk therefore making it easier for baby to digest

also a rocker or vibrating bouncer help if you feel you never get to put her down

hth grin

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