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My 9mo has hardly bf for two days and has been ill - is this the end for bf and do I need to replace it?

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BellaBear Sun 12-Oct-08 08:35:03

Hi, DS, 9 months, has had a runny and temp for two days. If it is still going on tomorrow, we will go to the GP.

But also, he has hardly bf for the last two days. At first I think it was because he couldn't breathe and feed and he got frustrated.

For the last couple of weeks he has been bfing about four times a day - about 5-6 am, after waking from his morning nap, after waking from his afternoon nap and before going to sleep at night. He was still waking loads at night, but we were settling him without feeding.

I am still offering him the breast quite frequently, but after a couple of hard hearted goes he is no interested. However, he will drink water from his cup enthusiastically.

Anyone have any advice, or has been through this?

If he continues to lose interest, do I need to give him something else.

I really wanted to bf for at least the first year, sob!

BellaBear Sun 12-Oct-08 08:35:18

* runny nose

mummy2rachel Sun 12-Oct-08 09:50:45

Hi, I am no expert, but I thought I would bump this up for you until someone with more experience comes along. Anyway, i was just thinking, what about expressing and giving it to him via his cup? That was you can still maintain your supply and he get some EBM. Hope it works out for you and ds feels better soon.

BellaBear Sun 12-Oct-08 10:31:18

thank you! may have to dust off the breast pump! I'll give it a couple of days first

fullmoonfiend Sun 12-Oct-08 10:34:05

if he won't take breast milk, he rpobably is no more likely to take 'something else' either. Agree, have a go with a breask pump, as it will help keep your milk going anyway. It could be him being bunged up is interefering with his ability to bf, so keep offering, and let him have water too if he won't take it. I presume he is eating other foods too at 9 months? Anyway, good luck at gps.

BellaBear Sun 12-Oct-08 11:12:44

thanks for reply!

he is now far less bunged up and just had a decent feed, yay! also, temp is now normal after two days of being high.

fullmoonfiend Sun 12-Oct-08 11:25:10

hoorah! Dehydration is such a worry in babies and can make other symptoms worse. Well done for persevering

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