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Nappies and 5wk old bf baby

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Tartanmam Sat 11-Oct-08 18:26:46

Is it generally ok for a 5wk old bf baby to go more than 24 hours between poos? I know when they are about six weeks onwards its not unusual (and ds did this for 11 weeks) but my dd seems to be getting really upset and gassy and she is that bit younger (she is 11lb if that makes any difference).

Also, ds has a dairy allergy, is it possible that the dairy in my diet is affecting dd as well - and causing the problem - or am i just being paranoid?

Apart from this everything else seems ok, nappies are always very wet, she's feeding well (imo), gaining weight and apart from this issue totally fine.

Elasticwoman Sat 11-Oct-08 20:35:57

Lack of poo is nothing to worry about, but upset and gassy is.

It's possible that dd is reacting to something in your diet but much more probable that something else is upsetting her.

Does she feed noisily? Could be she's taking in air with her milk. I suggest you have positioning/attachment to the breast looked at by a breastfeeding counsellor if you can or phone the nct breastfeeding line.

kalo12 Sat 11-Oct-08 20:38:13

my ds used to get like this if i ate tomatoes or oranges

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