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is it really going to be all cracked nipples and pain? Worried about bf

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mad4mybaby Thu 09-Oct-08 21:00:01

I started a thread few weeks ago about bf as i really didnt want to do it but got alot of encouragement. Had ds1 and the very first feed the mw latched him on and it didnt hurt a bit and he fed well. The second feed i did myself and hes just seemed to know what he was doing. Anyway cut along story short i stopped as he stopped feeding and he got ill and ended up on medicated milk blah blah. I wasnt gutted as i only planned on feeding a few days (mainly for my guilt!)

Anyway with ds2 due next month i have decided to give it a good go. However i read alot of threads on here and so many people are in pain and having bleeding/cracked nipples. How can this be prevented and why does it happen? I know if i get any of the above it will make me want to stop so i really want to be prepared.

Shooflypie Thu 09-Oct-08 22:17:27

Don't know why it happens but imagine our nips are not used to being wet + sucked round the clock hence cracking etc.

My experience was that the first couple of days were fine, next few were sore with some bleeding but then fairly plain sailing ever since. (DS is 6 mo now).
Definitely get a tube of Lansinoh - I did and it really helps heal any cracks super fast. If you do have a few days of soreness, it will get you through that quickly.
Also the Kellymom website is a brilliant source of info and support.
Hope it goes really well!

chloeb2002 Thu 09-Oct-08 22:46:01

dito just what shooflypie said! lansinoh gods gift to breast feeding mothers. DD was breast fed but i also ended up bottle feeding too because of pain and stress of bfing. however ds is now nearly 6 months and i have just started some bottles because im going back to work in a couple of weeks and although in some ways i am wanting to stop feeding him, i am also wanting to keep on so im hoping my milk will adjust and i will keep on. wit ds i had alot of thrush on my nips because of antibiotics so was very sore and it was hard but sooo very glad i kept on going. I did enter into ds thinking ok i am going to get sore nips it is going to hurt but it will get better and it has!

littlepiggies Fri 10-Oct-08 09:46:01

Just a note to say it's not necessarily going to hurt - I'm BF-ing for the second time and have had no pain either time except for a bit of engorgement when my milk came in. You might get lucky too! There is lots of support available to help you have the best experience possible - ask your MW/HV about any local breastfeeding clinics - there may be a regular drop-in service you can use if you run into problems.

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