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'extended' breastfeeder wants to increase dwindling supply - any suggestions?

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PhDiva Wed 08-Oct-08 20:28:23

I am currently bfing ds who is 20 months. Lately I seem not to be producing as much milk, and he gets upset, and I would rather have more as it is so handy for putting him to sleep, cuddles in front of telly, stopping crying etc... Feeding more often doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Someone once told me that marshmellow root (not related to marshmellow the candy) can really help boost supply. Has anyone heard of this? Or any other suggestions? I don't want to stop bfing, even if my body does.

FabioHasNineAndAHalfLives Wed 08-Oct-08 20:30:04

Are you sure he's getting upset because of your supply? Could be teeth or general orneriness.

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