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How long can I go between bfs?

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Bloodystumperlicious Wed 08-Oct-08 18:19:29

DD is 15 mo and I currently only feed her once a day in the morning. Problem is I am now back to work FT and it's becoming a bit inconvenient to feed her. I haven't fed her for the past two mornings and can't tomorrow as I have to be in work at a stupid hour. I've gone up to 2 days between feeds before but I am just wondering how long I can push it.

TBH I am ready to stop but I want to hold out for when she has the MMR in case she is poorly but then I might knock it on the head. In the meantime how long do you think I can go between feeds? She takes bottles of cow's milk so isn't too bothered when I am not around and doesn't bf, but still likes it when she does.

MrsBadger Wed 08-Oct-08 18:55:15

I'm down to about once in 24h (dd 14m) but haven't yet missed a day, iyswim.
After having bf this long I reckon you can get away with a day or two in between as when they do feed it's usually for the closeness rather than actual hunger so they don't mind if there's not much there.

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