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How they pumped 200 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LittleRedRidingHood Thu 03-Mar-05 12:38:02

Click on the link for the latest in Breast pump technology!

Breast pump!

Frieda Thu 03-Mar-05 12:42:16

Eeek! Glad I live now – I can't imagine how my breasts would fit in that!

mears Thu 03-Mar-05 13:01:28


chipmonkey Thu 03-Mar-05 13:08:16

Oh I love it! Its like an oil lamp. No wonder thay had wet-nurses!

LittleRedRidingHood Thu 03-Mar-05 13:11:59

I found it because i was searching for pictures of a travel cot someone might sell to me on the wanted threads - A Cumfifolda travel cot..........

LittleRedRidingHood Thu 03-Mar-05 13:13:40

Cumfifolda pushchair!

Marina Thu 03-Mar-05 13:40:21

OMG, we had a cumfifolda when I was little! Horrible!

LittleRedRidingHood Thu 03-Mar-05 21:07:45

Bumpity bump!

SueW Thu 03-Mar-05 22:00:54

On one of the daytime auction shows recently they showed a silver nipple shield. Exactly the same shape as you can buy today.

Picture of one here

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 22:01:47

There's a lovely bit in Dr Spock - he recommends that women shouldn't use lead nipple shields

pixiefish Thu 03-Mar-05 22:03:25

at shield and pump

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