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Tik Tock Appreciation Thread - and everyone who gave great advice!!

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ilovemydog Wed 08-Oct-08 13:30:42

DS was low birth weight and has been slow to put it on. He's been exclusively b/f, but have been in constant conflict with HVs as far as not going onto formula and ended up flipping out and asking for a referral. HVs also wanted DS weighed weekly shock

Finally saw Paediatrician this morning and he agrees that b/fing should continue along with solids (as DS is 7 months). If anything, that b/fing would give him more calories, so the more frequent, the better. Oh, and he said that there was no point in giving DS a supplement as it would only make him feed less.

DS is getting a few tests done at Children's Hospital to rule a few things out, but other than this, the consultant said he's healthy just a bit small, and will probably catch up.

So, thanks everyone for the advice - what crap HVs and what a great Paediatrician! smile

tiktok Wed 08-Oct-08 13:45:04

Ta and good news from you about the paed

Are you going to write about the undermining HVs to the breastfeeding lead person at your PCT???

FfreckleFface Wed 08-Oct-08 14:31:38

Hoorah for Paediatricians, and a big boo to crappy HVs! Your story sounds pretty similar to ours, ilovemydog.

How heavy is your ds? Little Ff was 12lb11 three weeks ago (and 7mo), and last week the paed told us that she was perfectly healthy, just little. I am seriously considering complaining about formula-obsessed HV.

Very pleased for you!

ilovemydog Thu 09-Oct-08 11:02:38

DS is 5.95 kilos at 7 months, but very long (and gorgeous)

Tik - the paed read the referral (which I asked for!) and said, 'so, you don't think there's a problem?' at which point I flipped and said that the issue was whether or not DS was healthy. If so, fine, if not, then it needed to be addressed, rather than the constant monitoring at clinic where I just get hassled about not giving him formula... shock

Plan: once DS is officially discharged from consultant, am going to get all his notes, and ask for a proper investigation by the health trust, or an independent investigation.

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