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alternative medication for ff baby with mouth thrush - please help

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livster Wed 08-Oct-08 09:10:21

Hi there, I am desperately trying to find an alternative medication or remedy for my formula fed 10 week old. i have tried Nystatin and Daktorin and both irritate her reflux and she projectile vomits everywhere. I stuck with it for a couple of days but i can't bear to keep trying with this stuff. Anyone got any alternatives? i know there are some for breastfeeders but how about formula fed babes? thanks in advance..

thingamajig Wed 08-Oct-08 21:31:24

I dont know of any, can you get your gp to go through his BNF (British National Formulary, a book of all licenced drugs), to find an alternative?
I dont know why some other tratments would be suitable for BF not ff, what are these?
Sory not to be much help but didnt want this to go unanswered.

livster Thu 09-Oct-08 10:13:43

thanks anyway, ithink the grapefruit seed stuff can be given to mum and then goes to baby through breast milk but don't see any advice to give it direct to baby... i'll go to whole foods on high st ken today and see if i can get any advice, thanks

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