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Switching to bottles/formula - DD not interested in the least HELP PLEASE

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Katflowers Tue 07-Oct-08 20:40:42

Ok I should be able to do this with child number 3 but DD has only had maybe 3 bottles in her life - 10 1/2m. Want to stop bf at 1 year so need to start weaning now. Will not take a bottle from me or others. Am giving her watered down juice at breakfast in a bottle in the hope that she might at least put the teat in her mouth!!! Any thoughts?

RiallyEeRiaee Tue 07-Oct-08 20:49:50

hi. It took me a while to get DS3 to take a bottle, in the end I think it came down to formula - he didn't like C&G but was fine with Hipp organic. Also he only liked silicone teats, not the latex ones. It took a fair bit of trial and error but we got there in the end (I think he was around 10 months - luckily before his first toothwink) Have you tried one of those soft teat trainer cups instead?

Tangle Tue 07-Oct-08 22:21:26

Have you tried a cup or beaker instead? I had it in mind current advice was to wean off teats at around 1 year to avoid orthodontic problems.

or at least that was how I consoled myself when DD refused to have anything to do with them...

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