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evansmummy Thu 03-Mar-05 03:16:46

My ds is 11 weeks and bf. I find it all very stressful (still) as he will latch on ok and feed for about five mins with no problems, then start fussing and coming off every 10 seconds or so. I try to latch him back on but he just wriggles and squirms. But, if I then change sides, he'l feed for another 5 mins without a problem until the whole thing starts again. By this point he'll be really restless and start screaming. Almost every feed is like this. Any ideas??

NotQuiteCockney Thu 03-Mar-05 07:15:06

Does it seem like his tummy is bugging him? Does he need burping, or does he need to have a poo?

Or is he maybe a really efficient nurser, and has got most of the milk out by then? (Boobs are never empty, of course, but they can be more or less full.) Have you had a big let-down, with lots of swallowing? How long does he feed for when things go well, no fussing? Is his weight gain good?

Or does he find boobs easier to latch onto when they're full? You can compress the area around the nipple to make the boob seem more engorged, and easier to hold onto ... this seems unlikely to be the problem.

evansmummy Fri 04-Mar-05 22:22:10

Ok, he doesn't seem to have any tummy ache, though does wriggle and arch his back sometimes while feeding. He'll come off if he's pooing or passing wind, then can have difficulty latching back on afterwards.

It's rare that there's no fussing, maybe on feed in a day, and then he'll feed for no more than 15 mins. Does that exist an 'efficient nurser'?? He's gaining weight properly, so he must be getting what he needs, just in a strange and stressful (for me) way!

He has more trouble when my boobs are fuller, but it's rare that my boobs are engorged and feel really full, so that' not really the latching on problem.

moondog Fri 04-Mar-05 22:25:50

Is he a bit stressed or picking up your stress? (Probably!!)
Have you tried going to lie down in a quiet room (no tv or other background noise)to feed him? This often helps me when there is unexplained wriggling and writhing.
A cranial osteopath would be worth visiting. There may be pressure in his skull from the birth which is exacerbated by the feeding position. Just a thought.

evansmummy Fri 04-Mar-05 22:35:14

We're seeing a cranial ost. at the moment. He's had two sessions, and frankly I'm disappointed. I haven't really sen much change, especially with regard to feeding. Only that he's brigning up wind by himself now. I'm sure he is picking up on my stress, but I (selfishly) find it boring feeding by myself in the bedroom

moondog Fri 04-Mar-05 22:46:54

Yeah it is () but take in a pile of reading matter. That helps. I've also trained dd (4) to tickle my feet at the same time!
Have you discussed how many sessions you're going to have with the CO? Sometimes it may take a while.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 05-Mar-05 06:41:36

evansmummy, efficient nursers certainly exist - I've had one efficient one and one inefficient one. The fact he's gaining fine means the problem is the hassle, which will probably settle down over time, and isn't worth getting stressed about, if you can help it.

If the problem is re-latching on - if he wants to latch on, but can't seem to, you can help him by ... how to explain this ... You can grab your breast, well behind the nipple, with forefinger on one side, thumb on the other, and squeeze a bit, so the nipple acts a bit more engorged. (If this hurts, or doesn't work for you, don't bother!)

I'm not into osteopathy, so don't know what to say there.

Could he be tired? How are his sleep patterns?

Is he being distracted by things? I've found DS2 started getting distracted pretty early.

Given he's gaining fine, can you give up quicker? If he pulls off and doesn't want more, then he's done. Why cause everyone stress?

CheekyGirl Mon 07-Mar-05 09:50:58

Evansmummy, my ds is 10wks old and is EXACTLY like your ds!!!! Wow, I thought I was the only one!!!

What I do is take him away from the breast as soon as he starts fussing, and put him down. He's usually then quite happy. When he starts grizzling, it usually means he's tired, so instead of putting him straight down, I offer a bit more boob. Sometimes he's willing,sometimes not. Sometimes, I pop his dummy in and then sneak it out and replace quickly with the breast. This does work if he's sleepy.

I visited my bf clinic and was told he probably is just efficient. They also showed me a study where 6 day old babies were test weighed before and after bf for 4 mins. One baby had taken 70ml in that time, which is pretty much a full feed for a 6 day old baby! If that baby could do it, I'm sure ours can!!

However, I also find feeding times pretty stressful, particularly as I have a 3yr old as well. I definitely find that the fewer distractions around at feeding times, the better for both of us. If it's too hectic, ds often refuses to feed at all!!! I long for long relaxed feeding sessions in front of the tv, but ds has not been like this since my milk came in on day 3!!

Sarah and Will the Fidgetbum

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