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Any updates on babies who wouldn't take bottle (anymore)?

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annamama Sun 05-Oct-08 16:47:05

I read a few threads about babies who won't take bottle, and babies who took bottle, then suddenly wouldn't... My dd is 5 months, exclusevely BF but has had a bottle of EBM in the evening since she was about 6 wks, it used to send her right to sleep. (bliss) For about a month now she has been very fussy with the bottle, slightly better with a faster teat, but she starts fussing halfway through and then refuses. Seems to be trying to get to my boobs... but won't take it from dp either. It's not such a big deal now, but I'd like to stop bf'ing in a couple of months time so not sure what to do then... Any advice from someone who has solved a similar problem?

chipmonkey Sun 05-Oct-08 17:13:01

Playtex drop-in bottles with Naturalatch latex teat! Available here Or at the stage she's at now you could just move to a cup, perhaps?

RebeccaP Sun 05-Oct-08 20:38:42

Could it be the temperature of the milk? I found that my dd stopped half way through because the milk had started to cool down and it wasn't as hot enough for her.

Goodomen Sun 05-Oct-08 21:23:12

My dd, now 8 months, would not take a bottle at all until about 4 weeks ago.
I bought a Breastflow bottle which has a inner hard teat and an outer soft teat. This seemed to help her make the transition, and now she has a normal Avent bottle.
The Breastflow bottles are a bit pricey though - £6.50 for one.

It could be the temperature. DD still needs hers very warm. Hope this helps. I know it is hard when you have a baby that is totally dependant on you alone!

chipmonkey Sun 05-Oct-08 23:22:24

agree re the temperature, also. Even my older boys who were very accepting of bottles did like them warmed up!

annamama Wed 08-Oct-08 21:38:20

Thanks for advice, tonight she took her bottle, all of it, woo-hoo! And it knocked her out just like when she was younger. Made sure the temperature was warm, and I bought Avent fast flow teats for 6+ months even though she's only 5. Think she is used to fast let down when bf and got bored with slow flow bottle. One problem less... grin So I strongly recommend fast flow teats for bf babies who won't take a bottle.

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