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doingmyheadin Sun 05-Oct-08 12:08:16

Are expensive electric pumps worth the money? I didn't find expressing easy with 1st ds and now 2nd ds is 6weeks and not sure what to do. Any advice welcome.

RedOnHerHead Sun 05-Oct-08 12:23:06

I've heard that the electric ones are very good, but i can't really comment because i don't have any first hand experience. I found my Avent hand pump was very good, but i have a very forceful letdown, so it flows from me with no problem.

DeJaVous Sun 05-Oct-08 12:27:03

Sorry to hear you're having a though time.

I've got a Medela Swing and IMO it was worth every penny.

It's hard to say more without knowing more about what's going on TBH.

doingmyheadin Sun 05-Oct-08 12:54:53

I'm not really having any probs with breastfeeding but with 1st son when
i tried to express I'd find it hard to get anything out. I only 'feel' the let down when the baby suckles. First time I used an avent hand pump and was wondering whether the electric ones might get the milk out more effectively or whether its just not going to happen for me and to give odd bottle of formula if I want to go out. Incidentally I never leak milk either.

AnnasBananas Sun 05-Oct-08 14:28:37

Electric Medela worth every penny. I had the Avent hand one too that was quite good and didn't disturb DH watching telly! You can get a second-hand medela on ebay and just sterilise it (as you would have to with a new one anyway)

ukrainianmum Sun 05-Oct-08 14:40:54

I was experssing for 8 months.dd refused to suck. And i used Avent. really good. I mean hand one.
And there is this bee product called Appilac maybe it will sound differnet in english but i think should be the same. It is not allergy stuff like honey but some subproduction of bees lives and it helped a lot in having huge milk supply. my normal amoount was little bit less than 3 pints a day of breast milk

MrsBadger Sun 05-Oct-08 14:59:26

the Lactaline (double electric) was def worth it whne I was expressing every lunchtime at work but if I'd only been expressing for the odd night out a manual one would ahve been fine

doingmyheadin Mon 13-Oct-08 13:36:46

Decided to give Avent hand pump another go - thanks for advice. Have just tried for the first time this morning and managed to get about 2oz from one breast over about half an hour - I fed ds from the other side. Does this sound about the right amount to be producing?

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