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1 year old refusing all milk

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Thomcat Sat 04-Oct-08 19:50:49

My DD is just over a year old.

I BF exclusively up until about 9 months old, then at the 3pm feed I started introducing a bottle (formula) as she stared refusing to lay in my arms and be BF.

Then I slowly started to give her a bottle at the 10am feed too as I have just returned to work.

About a few weeks ago she decided she didn't want to breastfeed anymore. Would push me away but cry and reach out when she saw her sisters drinking milk from cups. I kept offering but she just got annoyed with me in the end. I was a bit sad but as it was her decision I went with it and respected it.

Now she is just over 1 I have dropped formula and given her cows milk.

However she has welcomed the bottle, lay back for a feed but then rejected it. It's as though she doesn't like the taste of cows milk.

She has also just come down with a virus this week and it could be that she just doesn't want any milk, but otherwise her appetite has been very good as usual.

So, what to do?

Keep on with the cows milk and hope she gets used to it and goes for it one day soon?
Buy the expensive goats milk and see how she gets on?
Carry on with formula or that follow on stuff maybe?

Twelvelegs Sat 04-Oct-08 19:59:44

I thought you should give formula until two anyway, cows milk doesn't have enough iron and minerals in it. Stick to formula.

Thomcat Sat 04-Oct-08 20:04:42

Oh really??????????
I was convinced that they had cows milk from aged 1 hmm

PeppermintPatty Sat 04-Oct-08 20:07:00

No you can give cows milk after 1 year.

I would carry on with formula if she likes it. Or try combining formula with cows milk till she gets more used to the taste.

My DD hasn't drunk any milk since she was 11 months old (she is now 15 months).

I stopped breastfeeding her then, and she doesn't like formula or cows milk (believe me I've tried....).

In the end I gave up and I just accept she doesn't like it. And I make sure she gets plenty of yoghurt / cheese and milk on her cereal/porridge.

She's fine.

Twelvelegs Sat 04-Oct-08 20:20:12

I am wrong, blush you can use cow's milk...I just googled it.

mooki Sat 04-Oct-08 20:22:53

We definitely have days when DD doesn't drink much cows milk but things that have helped:

offering it little and reasonably often - she still has 3 or 4 cups offered to her during the day, will probably only drink 3-4 oz each time, but that gets more into her than offering her 8oz x 2.

Normally I offer as she is starting to get tired and sit down together to watch an episode of Pocoyo. Otherwise she is too busy running about to stop and drink and only has a v small amount.

the Tommee Tippee beaker - we went straight from breastfeeding to cup - she just used to chew the bottle teat.

For some reason she drinks most milk very first thing in the morning- I used to still do a 5 am breast feed and then start the day with breakfast - now she's dropped that I get her a cup of milk first and this doesn't seem to dampen her appetite for food.

And she likes her milk really quite warm.

I use the Hipp Goodnight drink at bedtime but don't use as much as it says on the packet as it was a bit too thick to drink through the beaker.

sory - all a bit random. When I stopped breastfeeding but she wasn't drinking much milk I was panicing a bit - tried all sorts of temperatures and different cups etc but now realise that sometimes she just does go off it for a few days.

Thomcat Sat 04-Oct-08 20:36:42

Ohhhhh interesting.
And this is a great example of why I really love mumsnet. Cos when I really don't know abut something, and think it's important, mumsnet really helps.

Thanks you SOOOOOOO much. smile

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