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BF 5 and a half month DD now has teeth-Im scared and want to quit

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egyptianprincess Thu 02-Oct-08 17:37:01

DD's bottom 2 teeth have come up and so far she has bitten me three times which was excruciating. Now I have stopped enjoying bf and sit there in fear of the next bite. I am so tense it's a horrible experience. I was hoping to BF for 6 months so Ive almost achieved my goal and am wondering whether now might not be the right time to quit. Does anybody have any experience of this? Is there a way to prevent the biting?

theSuburbanDryad Thu 02-Oct-08 17:37:56

What do you do when she bites you?

egyptianprincess Thu 02-Oct-08 17:39:40


VictorianSqualor Thu 02-Oct-08 17:49:54

DS2 has just got his as well, at 24 weeks.

theSuburbanDryad Thu 02-Oct-08 18:09:30

When she bites, take her off immediately, say, "No!" in a stern voice and put her down. If she cries, then let her cry, for 30 secs.

Do this every time she bites. She'll soon stop. <<heartless>>

MalchowMama Sat 04-Oct-08 22:11:27

I agree with theSuburbanDryad, that worked for my two lads. I wonder if you have started solids yet? As that often coincides with the arrival of teeth, I think they sometimes just get genuinely get confused and start to chew rather than suck.

In my experience, this passes fairly quickly, but I know what you mean about the fear and tension, it can be excruciating! I went on to nurse each of mine for 2 years, and many more teeth, with no problems after the initial week or so of adjustment.

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