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My 19 month-old is rejecting his milk

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Voj Thu 02-Oct-08 11:12:12

Up until about 1 week ago my 19 month old drank about 4oz of milk in the morning and about 5-6oz in the evening. He is now refusing both bottles. He eats everything and very well so my hunch is that I shouldn't be worried and I am sure he is getting all the nutrients he needs from 'real food'. However, I keep reading that toddlers of this age need 12 oz of milk a day. Should I be worried?

Elasticwoman Thu 02-Oct-08 12:09:07

I never worried about this. My 12 yo dd refused all milk from when she was weaned from the breast at 12 months. She ate other dairy products - yohourt, cheese, milk chocolate mousse etc. She is now tall and healthy and has a mouth full of perfect teeth. Same for my other 2 dc except they did drink some milk - but I never worried about how much and certainly never measured it. Or used a bottle. They drank from feeder cups at that stage.

Seona1973 Thu 02-Oct-08 12:29:55

have you tried offering it from a cup - lidded or open? DS (now 2) likes a cup of milk in the morning either before or with his breakfast but doesnt really want one before bed any more. The 12 oz can also be made up from milk in cereal, in foods and cooking and any dairy products they are having (plus any non-dairy sources of calcium)

Elasticwoman Thu 02-Oct-08 21:26:52

Bit difficult to measure if you are using different dairy/calcium sources isn't it Seona?

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