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Yes, I am STILL breastfeeding!!!!

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broguemum Thu 02-Oct-08 08:34:41

I am feeling needy and would like a bit of support <smiles weakly>.

I was at the physio yesterday and they said, "But why are you still breastfeeding when your baby is ten months old? That's a long time isn't it!" as if I was some sort of freak - grr grr grr!!! And I was pathetic. Instead of spouting off all the stuff I know about the global average age of weaning, WHO guidelines etc etc, I just said, "Well, there are a lot of allergies in the family and this is one way to reduce the risks...." Grr grr.

I am cross with self and physio too. I am pretty discreet about bf and wouldn't have told her apart from the fact that she needs to know.

Please tell me I'm NOT a freak and that what I am doing is right for me and my child?

Thank you.

PuzzleRocks Thu 02-Oct-08 08:36:57

What an idiot. Give me 5 minutes with her. I'm still feeding my 17 month old and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.
You are doing an amazing job. Well done!

belgo Thu 02-Oct-08 08:37:44

You're not a freak! Well if you are, I'm even more of a freak wink Maybe they were just genuinely curious as to why you were still breastfeeding?

Your answer was a good answer, but I personally would just say 'because I find bfing easy and convenient and my dd is happy to continue'.

TrinityRhino Thu 02-Oct-08 08:38:30

I'm still feeding gecko
she is 20 months

you are doing great smile

broguemum Thu 02-Oct-08 08:42:22

Thank you! It just p*sses me off that people want to comment on my feeding choices... And I live in a country where bf is totally the norm and I have never come across this sort of this before so I was kind of thrown off my stride a bit. Oh, actually I tell a lie, I had a negative comment from my doctor (!) who said that it was 'irritating' that I was still breastfeeding as he couldn't prescribe anti-inflammatories.

Belgo - that is a good one - will have to remember that for next time.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 02-Oct-08 08:42:41

What you are doing is definitely right for you and your child.

I am still feeding 2.8yr old dd, and am not a freak. Well, only a bit of one wink.

FeelingLucky Thu 02-Oct-08 08:50:41

I have had similar experiences. When DD was about 12 months old I ate some peanuts and DD came out in rash after I breastfed her. Told DD's nursery manager about it and that I would try again with the peanuts and breastfeeding when DD was 18 months old, to which nursery manager replied in shock: "will you still be breastfeeding then?!?"
Can't remember what I replied but I should have said what I now tell everyone: "the WHO recommend breastfeeding to 2 years."

DD's now 16 months and I'm going to let her self-wean smile

broguemum Thu 02-Oct-08 10:55:27

Thanks everyone

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