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dropping morning bottle? 13 mth old

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lilsmum Tue 01-Mar-05 15:07:56

dd is 13 mth, and at the moment has 8 oz of a morn, 2 oz on cereal, and 6 oz at night (full fat cows milk) how much should she be having at this age? also what age to drop the morn bottle?



oooggs Tue 01-Mar-05 15:42:39

at 12mths DS dropped the 5oz morning feed and now at 14 months still has milk on cereal and 8oz in beaker at bedtime.

psychomum5 Tue 01-Mar-05 15:55:50

At this age all kiddies need one pint of milk, and that can come in any form....milk, yoghurts, cheese...any dairy really. All mine dropped their bottles btween 12 n 18mths...(whenever they were ready).

Having said that tho, my 2.6yr old is still having 2 bottles a day, but he is on special formuler as he is allergic to cows milk and soya and needs to get some form of calcium in.

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