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Why I love bottlefeeding............

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Gwenick Tue 01-Mar-05 13:14:38

with all of these debates about why people 'love' breastfeeding, why it's best and why people 'don't' want to Bf I reckon it's time for a "Why I love bottlefeeding" thread.

Before anyone starts I've had one of each - a BF for 14 months and a bottlefed from birth (BF was my first baby)

1. I can continue my 'life' - ie I can keep doing my director of music job without worrying about trying to express and (in the case of DS1) worrying about whether DS take milk from the bottle

2. DH can feed him

3. He's a happy healthy baby and I'm a healthy (not always so happy at the moment but that's different story) mummy

4. If I leave him with someone and forget to leave enough milk all they have to do is go to the shop

I'll do more in a minute - DS2 needs to sleep now

suzywong Tue 01-Mar-05 13:17:39

that's great to hear
I'm please those choices have worked out for you and your family so well

Sponge Tue 01-Mar-05 13:18:51

It doesn't make your nipples bleed or your breasts go all saggy.

FairyMum Tue 01-Mar-05 13:20:54

Makes for an easy life indeed.

kama Tue 01-Mar-05 13:21:10

Message withdrawn

beansprout Tue 01-Mar-05 13:22:15

I agree with Suzywong. Glad it worked out for Gwenick

anchovies Tue 01-Mar-05 13:22:30

Can I add

I could go out drinking without pumping like a maniac for a week beforehand so I didn't have to worry about giving him alcohol poisoning afterwards!

I breastfed (and would again all being well) but this was always my one problem!

Gwenick Tue 01-Mar-05 13:24:11

ooo - yes forgotten about the drinking one - I still enjoyed a drink when BF DS1 (occasionaly 'while' BF him ) but I was always wary of being able to really let my hair down.

Sponge Tue 01-Mar-05 13:24:36

I breastfed too and I'm glad I did but I found it a PITA, I especially hated expressing and I'm relieved that I've now stopped.

HappyMumof2 Tue 01-Mar-05 13:27:48

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Tue 01-Mar-05 13:29:27

well happy - you'd said you were a bit worried to start a thread on it - so did it for you

I'm not one that's afraid to give my views.

I'll admit I LOVED BF DS1 - but I also LOVE bottlefeeding DS2

tiktok Tue 01-Mar-05 13:31:24

I don't really care one way or the other how people choose to feed their babies, but can we please avoid myth-making.

You can drink and bf. You do not need to express 'like a maniac'.

Sorry and all that, but it's pregnancy that changes the shape of your breasts, not bf.

And pur-lease....not that old rubbish about having to eat the 'right' foods and 'right' calories.

advocateofthedevil Tue 01-Mar-05 13:31:46

Would you feed your baby puppy food? Then why feed it something designed for calves.

Gwenick Tue 01-Mar-05 13:32:42

titok - no-one is making myths - we're all speaking from experience - don't know about 'everyone' that's posted on this thread so far - but at least TWO of us have bottlefed AND breastfed our children.

advocateofthedevil Tue 01-Mar-05 13:33:32

And yes. I'm being deliberately beligerant because that's exactly how people ruined Mears' breastfeeding thread. I couldn't give a flying f*ck how you fed your children. Your baby, your choice.

noddyholder Tue 01-Mar-05 13:33:38

Is formula designed for cows then?

milward Tue 01-Mar-05 13:34:09

How much does it cost to bottlefeed? All the equipment & powder seems so much? I respect peoples choices just interested to know the costs involved. Also how do bottlefeeders justify the environmental impact of formula production, transport of it to shops, the packaging, bottles & other equipment....?

advocateofthedevil Tue 01-Mar-05 13:34:40

Is it made from cows milk?

anchovies Tue 01-Mar-05 13:35:11

Sorry tiktok I just didn't like the thought of feeding him after I'd been drinking and found expressing quite difficult. Wasn't trying to state facts or anything. Thought I was allowed to talk about my own experiences on here?

Gwenick Tue 01-Mar-05 13:35:30

"You can drink and bf. You do not need to express 'like a maniac'."

I know - but if you want a real binge drink it's not really a good idea. And some of us DID need to express like 'maniacs' to be able to get enough milk out

"Sorry and all that, but it's pregnancy that changes the shape of your breasts, not bf."

I had dreadful boobs by the time I'd finished BF DS1, the 'perked up' a bit in between pg's and never really went 'downhill' half as much with DS2

"And pur-lease....not that old rubbish about having to eat the 'right' foods and 'right' calories."

FACT - BF burns more calories - therefore you have to eat enough - that was stressed to me time and time again when I was BF DS1. Ever had a strong curry or strong black coffee and see the effect on baby/babies nappy????? - not nice

nailpolish Tue 01-Mar-05 13:36:20


bf mothers use equipment too

and i could mention nappies

Gwenick Tue 01-Mar-05 13:36:48

milward - the same way I justify using disposable nappies - and the cost of going to the shop - we shop online so it all comes at the same time.

I (tried) to use bottles for expressed milk with DS1.

MummytoSteven Tue 01-Mar-05 13:36:56

as I didn't need to worry about DS becoming jaundiced or dehydrating again.

it didn't hurt.

IME bottlefeeding was painfully slow and not particularly easy.

milward Tue 01-Mar-05 13:37:09

What equipment is necessary to bf?? - got the boobs & got the milk.

anchovies Tue 01-Mar-05 13:37:14

Also, can't be arsed to join in an arguement, I enjoyed breastfeeding but also like to think I respect every mothers personal choice so I'm out of here....

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