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Why is DS so fussy and upset when feeding from right boob?

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Pinchypants Wed 01-Oct-08 10:16:20

Not sure if anyone can shed any light on this. DS is now six weeks old and I am exclusively BFing. Have always had problems with right hand boob - blockages, soreness, mastitis etc already, same as with DD. Now after a week or so of things seeming to settle down on that side (which I think of as my 'bad boob'), DS is really fussy, crying, windy etc after drinking from the right - he was hysterical in the night. Am wondering if there is a link between his fussing and another very sore patch developing - obviously something's got blocked again, and I am thinking that perhaps this affects the taste? The flow is ridiculously fast from the ducts that aren't blocked, as if they are always making up for the breast not being used evenly, so maybe that's the problem? Am just about to express off a bit to try and ease it, will try rugby hold instead at next feed, plus the usual hot water/massage techniques, but just wondered if anyone else has had a similar fussy baby on a blocked or infected breast?

RuthT Wed 01-Oct-08 20:00:26

You often find that your child will prefer one side to another and this can lead to the unpreferred side having issues.

It can be a result of how they lay in your womb and the pref side being the comfy way they lay in you or positioned themselves and the unprefer side means they have to use muscles they don't want to.

You could take dd to a cranio-osteopath which can help. If you have private medical they cover for bad sleepers normally which tends to go hand in hand with normal babies IYSWIM.

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