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Breast pad recommendations?

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Blondeinlondon Tue 01-Mar-05 09:28:59

Any recommendations on breast pads?
I've tried J&J, Sains & Avent so far
Avent seem good but pricey - can anyone suggest any alternatives?


Kelly1978 Tue 01-Mar-05 09:31:09

I used superdrugs own brand, a bit cheaper and I found them a lot better than avent.

MummytoSteven Tue 01-Mar-05 09:31:40

you could just trying stuffing some tissues down your bra! or going for the reusable ones - coz they are all a bit pricey

Tissy Tue 01-Mar-05 09:32:38

Use washable ones- I think the ones I got were by Emma Jane, whao make the nursing bras. They will save a huge mount of money if you are planning to breastfeed.

jabberwocky Tue 01-Mar-05 09:33:18

I used the washable cotton ones. Ordered them online from somewhere. The problem I found with disposable pads is that when you leak, they can stick to your nipples. A bit uncomfortable to remove.

Tommy Tue 01-Mar-05 09:33:49

I used the Avent washables and found them fine - except for when I had a slightly tighter fitting top on and it looked like I had 2 fried eggs down my bra - then I used a couple of disposable ones - tescos I think.

Clayhead Tue 01-Mar-05 09:44:59

I used Avent washable - pricey at first but worth it IME (and I leaked like a drain...)

popsycal Tue 01-Mar-05 10:01:33

the best ones by far are the tommee tippee ones - previuosly Maws
they are always ultra for boobs
never ever feel damp
they are disposable though and a bit pricey but IME worth it
and they are shaped so you dont eel as though you have car headlamps sticking out of your chest

lunarx Thu 03-Mar-05 14:29:20

i did not like Boots own brand (or maybe i just leaked a lot !!) although Asda's own brand did work fine for me...

HappyMumof2 Thu 03-Mar-05 14:33:46

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 Thu 03-Mar-05 14:34:21

Message withdrawn

Tessiebear Thu 03-Mar-05 14:36:19

Could only get on with J&J

Yorkiegirl Thu 03-Mar-05 14:38:57

Message withdrawn

Aero Thu 03-Mar-05 15:08:27

Like the J&J ones if using disposables, but work out rather expensive. With ds2 (3rd child) I was introduced to the cloth washable ones - expensive outlay at first, but by far the best - very comfy. I had the Lanisoh ones and wouldn't go back to disposables. Not that I'll ever be needing them again - think I've hit my limit with three!

motherpeculiar Thu 03-Mar-05 15:36:23

i just bought the lanisoh reusable ones so glad you liked them Aero

also got some lanisoh (I think) disposables for when I am out and about - I remember from last time that the big thing I liked about some disposables was the adhesive strip that stuck them to your bra so they didn't wander about as you pulled your boobs out. Always threw me when the breast pad popped out too.

But maybe that was just clumsy old me

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 15:38:02

I used the Avent washables and found them really good (but a bit obvious under white t-shirts!). I HATED the Mothercare ones - they have a rough, papery edge that really irritated my skin. I took one of the two boxes I'd bought back to Mothercare they were that useless.

chipmonkey Thu 03-Mar-05 16:00:33

has anyone tried Lilypadz? they're made of thin silicone. I haven't but they look good.

Aero Thu 03-Mar-05 16:05:54

Agree about the mothercare ones - they were dreadful - my midwife (friend) gave me a box from someone who no longer needed them - would never buy them!
Never knew you could get pads with an adhesive strip - they'd have been great. Darn things (disposables anyway) always were slipping out of place.

irishbird Thu 03-Mar-05 16:11:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

motherpeculiar Thu 03-Mar-05 17:00:39

I've seen those lilypadz but not used them at all - they are supposed to stop the milk coming out in the first place right? (silicone not being reknowned for its absorbent qualities)

hmm, wonder if they work...

kama Thu 03-Mar-05 17:41:33

Message withdrawn

docket Thu 03-Mar-05 17:47:28

lilipadz are fantastic, got two pairs off ebay and they are great. i don't really understand how they work (like you say, silicone not reknowned for absorbancy) but they work for me

jane313 Thu 03-Mar-05 18:28:18

I used the avent washable ones which were great. I occasionally used dispoasables, johnsons were good as they were shaped. I got some free Lanisoh ones onces and they seemed good as they were much bigger but no where around me stocked them.

dzdoris Sat 05-Mar-05 23:01:44

lilypadz didn't work for me I've got quite a big chest and a little bit of milk would collect behind the pad (it didn't leak out) so as soon as I took it off to feed my baby it would spill out (the silicone does not absorb the droplets like normal breast pads) also they can be fiddly trying to put them back on in public or when you're out and about

jamiesam Sun 13-Mar-05 22:54:04

If you want disposables, you must try Pigeon Breastpads. Only available by post - can track down tel no later this week. Are very slim, have adhesive strip so they don't wander and hold A LOT of leaking.

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