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can i reheat breast milk?

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laneydaye Mon 28-Feb-05 19:58:55

is it just the same as formula or not?
gonna try expressing bm so my dd can be fed by her dad so maybe i can go back to work....

Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Feb-05 19:59:18

Message withdrawn

laneydaye Mon 28-Feb-05 20:00:21

but can i reheat it after its already been heated?

mears Mon 28-Feb-05 20:00:24

You can also freeze it then defrost it when you need it.

mears Mon 28-Feb-05 20:01:08

No you shouldn't reheat it once it has been heated before

laneydaye Mon 28-Feb-05 20:01:51

cheers...... MY GOD BUT YOU ARE FAST.....

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