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HELP! Can't get my 10 months old ds to drink out of a bottle, beaker etc

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Booklover Mon 28-Feb-05 19:50:07

Don't know what to do anymore. My 10 months old ds is just refusing to drink anything apart from breastmilk, but he is on 2 feeds now and I do worry that he does not get enough liquid. Tried diluted juice, tea, water, various beakers and have now ordered the doidy cup, hoping this will make a difference. Tried to give him some water from a plastic cup, glass etc but he just won't take it, no matter how often and hard I try, surely he must be thirsty. Would be grateful for any advice!

snowfallinthesahara Mon 28-Feb-05 23:22:27

hi know exactly how u feel.but u'll pbably find he's a lot more receptive if you give him to someone else to try the bottle/beaker,like mum/dh/friend..bcoz otherwise he can smell you.

HunkerMunker Mon 28-Feb-05 23:24:29

Can you leave a beaker of water where he plays? I leave one next to DS when he's playing and he sometimes picks it up and shakes it all over his head, sometimes he chews the spout and sometimes he drinks from it. Can't help with which beaker as DS is happy to drink from any one I've tried (I'm a beakeraholic and have one of each sort I think!).

champs Tue 01-Mar-05 14:40:31

hi booklover know how you feel!! ds2 is also like this. I have noticed he tends to drink from others more than from me (as SFIS has advised) I also leave his cup where he can see it (HM) he deffinetly will not take a bottle with a teat so I just try different cups. Have you tried the avent soft spouts? or the tommy tippee training cup. or even a straw?

tigi Tue 01-Mar-05 22:50:47

I really struggled, and tried different bottles, different drinks/formulas, and mainly kept away from him while someone else gave it to him . It works eventually, but can take ages!

Freddiecat Tue 01-Mar-05 23:06:35

I have an 8 month DD with exactly the same problem (about to start another thread because I need some specific opinions).

She will drink water with meals from the doidy cup but that's it at the moment.

champs Mon 07-Mar-05 20:25:44

We'vw done it!!!!
ty soooooo much for all the advice and support. It is now 2weeks since ds has had boobie!!
I cannot believe it!! He still asks for it occasionaly or tries to lift up my top but only in a half hearted way and is easily distracted. He drinks milk from cup and bottle with spout but nowhere as many times as he would have if it had been breast. I give him cheese, yogurt, and fromage frais to get milk in and also cereal.

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 20:30:17

congratulations, I had the same problem with my DS! He was 9 months and had exactly the same thing. I never thought i could feel as relieved as i did when i went through the first 24 hours.

champs Mon 07-Mar-05 22:12:03

thanks sacha3taylor. makes all the crying and heartache worthwile doesn't it. I feel more like me now too and I jaust had a thought.. I can wear dresses and fitted tops again!!
oooo and sexy bra's (if i can find some my size)
I feel a shopping trip coming up.

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 22:16:35

Definetly one of the happiest days of my life!!!!!!!!! Does DS sleep through the night?

champs Mon 07-Mar-05 23:12:32

no he still wakes uo and cries or winges, i just cuddle him and he falls back to sleep. he wakes up much less now tho.
cant wait till he sleeps a;; the way thru. does yours?

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 23:18:41

Yes, I had to stop breastfeeding because he kept biting me. The night after I stopped feeding him, he stopped waking up. We did controllrd crying and I couldn't believe how well it worked!

champs Tue 08-Mar-05 14:40:39

my next aim is to get him to sleep without me holding/hugging him. and then to get him into his own bed/cot b4 baby comes!!

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