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Breastfeeding and decreased sex drive - help!

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Buckets Sun 28-Sep-08 11:35:15

Did yours vanish? Did it come back while you were still feeding? I FF'd my big two so it's all new to me.
Mine has vanished which is scaring the hell out of me, esp after 8m of OTT sexdrive whilst pregnant. Which suggests it's hormonal, as I don't feel exhausted or anything. Coping well with 3 kids and was up for it fairly early on then it just went. I know it's natural and supposed to make me concentrate on the baby but I don't think I can handle it for 6months (baby is 8wks today.) Perfect DH is happy to do whatever I tell him, it's me that's having the identity crisisgrin.

Would I have to quit BF alltogether to get it back? I like the idea of mixed feeding but don't suppose quantity of milk makes a difference. Is there any way to boost my oestrogen levels?
Thanks for any advice.

idontbelieveit Sun 28-Sep-08 11:38:01

i've been BFing for 27 months and I'm 5 months pregnant wink. It will come back, i promise. i think mine took a while but was due to extremely traumatic birth and terrible recovery more than bfing i think.

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