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The Age Old Question - Cup vs. Bottle

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laraeo Sat 27-Sep-08 16:51:57

My DS will be 7 months in a couple of days. He's been EBF and we've been weaning since he was 6 months. My dilemma is this: I just signed him up for 1 half-day/week at nursery. I'm not pumping and don't really want to start - my supply seems "just right" at the moment. As part of the weaning process, I've been giving him free-flow spouted cups (I hope that makes sense grin) with water which he's ever so slowly getting the hang of using. I'll have to provide his formula at the nursery which they'll make up at the required time(s). Is it okay to ask them to use the free-flow spouted cup for forumla instead of a bottle - it's got ml markings on the side? And do I need to worry about sterilizing the cup when he's done? I thought if it was okay, then we could practice a bit at home too. Any advice is appreciated.

laurasmiles Sat 27-Sep-08 18:21:13

Hi Laraeo - you can tell the nursery to feed him however you like. If you feel it's really improtant for him to be dropping the bottle then if you provide the cup they will take care of the rest. The usually sterilies the bottles on site but you can provide his first feed in the cup and they can warm it if necessary.
Personally, my children always really enjoyed the comfrt of a bottle and so you may feel that having that comfort at nursery is a good thing - especially if he feels tired - which he probably will do with all that stimulation!! If you're worried about this setting back his progress on the cup - don't be, as they will give him the cup for water throughout the day and at snack time. Children are adaptable usually at this age. But there's nothing like a cuddle and a bottle if you are somewhere unfamiliar! It's only my personal opinion. I'm sure whatever you decide whll work well - you know your child best. But don't be worried about telling the nursery exactly what and how you'd like your child to be fed - that's their job! smile

Good luck,

L .

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