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What's a breastfeeding cafe?

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LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Sep-08 15:15:56

We have a childrens centre that has just opened up near us with a pre-school attached that DS is starting Monday and I saw on Mondays the childrens centre bit has a breastfeeding cafe... what exactly is it?

beansprout Fri 26-Sep-08 15:17:04

I think it's just a place where you can get a drink and sit and feed with other bf mums. smile

wessexgirl Fri 26-Sep-08 15:19:39

Yeah, we had one of these, you sit gassing with other bf mums and get a drink and a biscuit.

I think we put a few coins in a pot for it.

LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Sep-08 15:22:56

Sounds abit random! Might go early to pick DS up and have a mooch. I'm not the most outgoing/chatty of people, I will prob. find it all abit uncomfortable.

wessexgirl Fri 26-Sep-08 15:25:07

Ours was freakishly friendly, LoW - much friendlier than the toddler groups I went to - so I used to enjoy it. They had HVs etc. on hand for advice if people were struggling with bf.

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