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I've had flu, is my milk OK?

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dinny Sun 27-Feb-05 20:42:55

Just had the worse flu for a week. DD and DS got it too. DS still snotty but raging temperature (all had temps of 39.9 for about five days) gone. Just worried about my milk as I have lost weight very fast and boobs feel miles smaller. Can't tell if ds is his usual happy self as he has been so ill too. Any advice gratefully received.
ps ds still exc bf and is just under six months old.

Seabird Sun 27-Feb-05 20:52:42

Poor you Dinny, sounds horrid. Haven't really got any special expertise on this but I'm sure as long as you drink lots of water your milk will be fine. Make sure you eat as well as you can face cos I expect lots of the nutrients will go to your milk and you need some for you too. Hope you're all better soon x

HunkerMunker Sun 27-Feb-05 20:58:01

Oh no hun! Poor you! Poor DS and DD Would second drink plenty (Whole Earth organic lemonade is delicious) and rest as much as you can.

Was wondering where you had been - how's your Dad? Have been thinking of you hun.

Just had the worst vomiting bug myself last week - DS didn't get it thank god, but I ate literally nothing for two days and then only some soup a few mouthfuls of toast for two days. DS still fed loads, breastmilk gannet

And (doing my Pollyanna impression here...) look on the bright side - now we are slim! Hope to see you and your gorgeous DS at work one Wednesday soon - when you're feeling up to it, obv! Wonder if we could meet in town with our colleague wot lives in Deptford and her DS too?

Hugs, hun! Hope the snot leaves the Dinny house very very soon.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 27-Feb-05 21:08:14

dinny, not only is your milk still OK, but it's also got the antibodies to fight that flu! So if DS gets it, your milk will help him fight it!

Do rest a bit extra, so you don't get ill again, and be sure to eat and drink lots, and it will all be fine.

(I've just gotten over a pretty bad bug too, some temperature, really nasty throat, alternating chills and hot. So far, neither DS has it, thank god!)

dinny Mon 28-Feb-05 19:01:45

Thanks so much - new problem now (see my other thread about ds's boil on his bum). Good, it's just one thing after another at the moment. Can my milk get rid of boils too?

dinny Mon 28-Feb-05 19:02:07

meant God, not good!

Enid Mon 28-Feb-05 19:02:52

dinny - some would say yes - milk can be a natural antibiotic - rub some on his boil poor lamb

mears Mon 28-Feb-05 19:05:21

Sorry you have been ill Dinny. I am unwell myself at the moment but at least I do not have a baby to look after. (my grown-up babies are looking after me

In answer to your question your milk is exactly what your DS needs to get over his illness. Just keep feeding him as often as he needs and your milk supply will keep up with him. Hope you feel better soon.

dinny Mon 28-Feb-05 19:49:17

Thanks Mears and Enid. Just expressed (as ds really off bfing in night at the moment - think it is his teething) - only got one paltry ounce from left boob. Now really worried milk production is crap Please someone say something to stop me thinking it's best to just top him up with formula at this stage.
ps get well soon, Mears!

mears Mon 28-Feb-05 19:57:42

Don't compare what you can express with what he gets when feeding. When my DS2 was 6 months old he got meningitis. He was so ill he couldn't feed at all for days. I was expressing but the milk strted to dwindle - like you couldn't get more than an ounce. I begged the medical staff to let me try and feed him. I was amazed to feel the milk rush when he went on the breast and in a few days time my milk supply went up.
I would say just try and offer him the breast more frequently during the day whether he takes it or not. Do not worry about night feeds - they are more important in the early days of breastfeeding as far as hormonal influence for milk production is concerned. By all means express if he isn't taking any good feeds at all to stimulate you production but please do not assume that what you can express is what he can get. Babies are experts at getting the milk out. As he feels better, he will feed better. Have you tried some skin-to-skin contact? Having himenaked (with nappy) next to your naked skin? That can encourage babies to fed better. Have faith in yourself Dinny. Your breasts have milk production well established. It will all improve as you both feel better.

dinny Mon 28-Feb-05 20:19:07

thanks, Mears. really inspiring to hear how you fed your ds through all that. my ds is so unsettled and not really loving his feeds like usual. am sure it is his teeth hurting (and everything else - he also has a boil right up in his bum and is now on antibios) Would teeth hurting be consistent with finding it easier to feed on one side?
at this moment I can't imagine ever feeding him lying down in bed again (he hates doing that now, usuaully loves it.)

mears Mon 28-Feb-05 22:57:52

I would think the discomfort in his bottom is more of a probkem than his teeth THB. It might be when he is lying on a particular side he has more peeure on the boil. Have you tried switching sides but keeping him facing the same way ie rugby hold for the side he is objecting to?

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