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Weaning from Breast?

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FiFi118 Thu 25-Sep-08 09:51:07

I am planning to go back to work in January and was thinking about gradually weaning my baby off breast milk before then. My lo is 3 months old now so I thought I would like to continue to breastfeed exclusively until at least November and then start weaning gradually. Is that a realistic timeframe? Also what is the best way to wean - we are currently giving her a bottle of EBM at 10 pm everyday but she is reluctant to take the bottle - it being very hit and miss! any suggestions on the best way to deal with this? I would like to try and continue to give her one or two breast feeds a day if possible? Any advice?

mppaw Thu 25-Sep-08 11:32:10

I started weaning about 5 months, and by then DD was used to 1 bottle of EBM of an evening. I started off giving her a bottle of Formula at the 11am feed, did this for about a week, then replaced the afternoon one, etc etc. I did it slowly as I was in no rush, and it sounds like if you start in November you will be able to take it at a rate that suits you both.
Plus doing it slowly will let your body reduce the amount milk you produce and should not be TOO painful, supply and demand etc.
Also hopefully once she a few more bottles she will get the hang of it, my DD took a good month to get to grips with a bottle.
Good luck. HTH. grin

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