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Continuing to bf when returning to work?

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Rosieroo08 Tue 23-Sep-08 14:55:21

Hi everyone!
I'm new to MN and was hoping to get some advice wrt when I return to work in December. (I know I know, still a way off, but I want to get as organised as possible!!)
At the moment Rosie (13 weeks) feeds every 2-3 hours during day, usually has her last feed between 9-10 at night which usually sees her through to 5am.
My question is, should I express and start to freeze milk now in anticipation for when I return to work, so her nanny can feed her while I'm at work? I know that I'll need to express at work, but should I keep that milk also? I'm hoping I can feed her first thing in morning and when I get home. Anyone else have experiance of this dilema? I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing but I feel anxious whenever I think about it!
Thanks in advance for all advice!

suey2 Tue 23-Sep-08 15:15:00

I wouldn't start just yet- BM lasts 3 months in the freezer.
I would express after the nighttime feed for about a month before you go back. Hopefully you will then accrue enough to last the first day at least.

What i do is BF first thing, full express before leaving for work, express at lunchtime and take that home at the end of the day for the next day's nanny feeds. I have a back up of 3 feeds in the feezer in case i forget to bring the milk home or something else goes wrong. The friday lunchtime expressed milk goes in the freezer when i get home for the following monday.

On mondays my nanny uses the expressed before leaving milk for the morning feed and defrosts one from the freezer for the afternoon feed. Tues thru friday she uses the lunchtime expressed from the previous day and the express before leaving milk.


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