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StarlightMcKenzie Tue 23-Sep-08 11:36:10

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 23-Sep-08 11:51:03

Message withdrawn

RubySlippers Tue 23-Sep-08 11:51:57

is there any back arching, squirming etc?

reflux isn't always accompanied by vomiting

likessleep Tue 23-Sep-08 13:35:23

All I can say is tell you the symptoms my DS had when he was newborn (he had reflux) ...
Would cry when he was laid flat (hated his cot) and slept much better when 'upright' on us (even then he'd wake up a few minutes after falling asleep screaming)
Vomiting all the time (but as RS says, not always accompanied by vomiting)
Generally very unhappy / distressed crying ... it sounded like he was in pain, with no 'obvious' reason to us
Constant feeding (I think this gave him comfort)
Really windy (squirming in bed all of the time)
TBH, I think he had colic too, it was difficult to tell (although his symptoms were helped by Gaviscon and Ranitidine).
Not sure if this helps ...

Could try ... keeping upright for 20 minutes after feeding, lots of winding, smaller but more frequent feeds, avoiding bouncing around, elevating cot slightly at one end (so to avoid lying completely flat).

If you feel that your baby is in pain, it is worth seeing the Doctor. Some babies are just 'sicky' and reflux is just a process of gut maturation. But there are meds to help with the pain and no baby should be in pain.

Good luck x

LadyG Tue 23-Sep-08 20:16:57

likesleep my baby DD 9 weeks sounds exactly like yrs....Can I ask did you give Gaviscon and ranitidine or one or the other? Have had a little success with gaviscon but such a faff if you are breastfeeding. Got prescription for ranitidine so dont know whether to now stop gaviscon??? Also when did it get better????? A

likessleep Tue 23-Sep-08 22:04:10

LadyG - we started with Gaviscon (which to be honest, seemed to help him stop being sick but not all the time by any stretch). We then went back to Doctor as he was still in pain / showing all other symptoms, so he took both at same time.
Gaviscon doesn't work for everyone, from the Internet trawling I have done. If you haven't found it to work, I'd stop it to be honest and try the Ranitidine.
We found the Ranitidine better for neutralising the tummy acid and the pain. The second day of taking it, he slept from 9pm (previously, he had been awake 6pm - midnight every night screaming/crying/sleeping/feeding etc). He was like a different baby. Still gagging/regurgitating etc, but not the pained crying he was doing before.
BUT, he started it when he was 12 weeks old, so whether it was colic going (which I think is supposed to be around the 12th week). But then he showed all the other symptoms of reflux too.
It is a faff, I think the meds are designed for bottle feeders! I read on another thread someone makes up a days worth of Gaviscon and leaves it in the fridge (and just syringes correct amount off for each feed), but I didn't try this myself. It is a faff, but we got in the routine of it and it became part and parcel of day to day. We used a syringe and squirted it in DS cheek - he couldn't spit it out that way. But it is hard work to breastfeed with a reflux baby, it really is and so demoralising at times after all your hard work! But it is the best stuff for them, particularly if they have sensitive tummies.
I remember being so pissed off about it all on days and just crying about it. But they don't have any lasting damage, it is just their small guts maturing. Doesn't make it any easier though and it is easy for me to be more relaxed about it now!
But as a mum of a just turned 11 month old boy, he is now the happiest and most content baby. I think for the first few difficult months, karma is now being kind to us!
When did it get better? For us, at 9 months. That sounds like a way off, but we had it under control / psychologically accepted it a lot earlier than this. Everyone kept saying to me 'when he is weaned, he'll be fine', but I felt so disappointed that weaning made it worse (or it seemed to!). I think for us, it is when he was on 'proper' meals (i.e. not purees!) and taking less milk. But it can happen anywhen.
Sorry for long post. It does get better. It is worth trying the Ranitidine and see if it works. Don't keep going if it doesn't though, as there are other meds available too.
Good luck.

LadyG Wed 24-Sep-08 18:14:45

Thank you likesleep will try the ranitidine and see!
Nine months seems like a long way off esp as I am due back at work way before that but I guess we just have to take it one day at a time. Sorry to hijack thread Starlight Mckenzie-we went to see paediatrician for DDs diagnosis but tbh if you have worked yr way through anti colic remedies it might be worth giving gaviscon a try? Yr GP might prescribe. Sometimes I sit up and sit DD more upright for night feed even though we cosleep and then wind her and then just do the last bit lying down so we both drift off-in theory anyway!

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