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How do you wind down to just one BF a day?

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ElmMum Tue 23-Sep-08 10:03:22

DD is nearly 4 months. She's getting 5 feeds a day: 1st feed is a BF, dream feed is formula, and the 3 in between are 2 EBM and 1 formula. Sounds a bizarre mix, I'm sure, but has meant we've been able to get this far with her getting mostly breast milk.

But my boobs are now very uneven - right side massive, left side more normal (prob about 3 cup sizes difference) - and I'm keen to start winding down to just the morning BF so they're a more manageable size.

At the moment I'm feeding at around 7am, expressing at midday, 5pm ish and before I go to bed.

Should I just stop expressing and then I'll miraculously have just enough for the morning BF or should I wind down slowly or what? Won't boobs be all engorged and painful?


zuzkah Tue 23-Sep-08 13:06:19

bumping for you

likessleep Tue 23-Sep-08 13:21:40

I've wound down to one BF a day (first thing, as am lazy to get up and make bottles any earlier than I have to!).
HOWEVER, I do feel like I don't have much milk left now.
I gradually cut back over months and have had no pain at all (although my smugness may bite me on the bum soon when I stop!) wink
If I were you, I would stop expressing the 5pm, then a few days later, the midday one, then finally drop the one before you go to bed (this is the one which may have the greatest effect on your supply). This would leave roughly even times between expressing.
I phased out between 8 and 11 months, which has been a long time, but suited me really well.
If you do phase out slowly, then there should be less risk of engorgement.
My DS is 11 months and I am stopping the first feed in the next week or so. Hopefully it won't start hurting now!!

ElmMum Tue 23-Sep-08 16:41:11

Thanks. I'll try that - dropping the 5pm ish expressing and see how it goes.


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