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lumps, blocked ducts, not a happy BFer - help with stopping desperately needed

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fragglema Mon 22-Sep-08 21:26:04

Hi, i was hoping someone could help/ offer their own experiences. I have a 3 week old DD and am really unhappy with breastfeeding (sore nipples, blocked lumps, painful latching etc). I breastfed my 2yr old and developed mastitis, then even worse a dreaded absess which took months of nasty medical procedures and ABs to get rid of. Now at the new lump, I am so worried it might be the first step to the absess returning (its in the same place as before)and, although I know I shouldnt, cant bear the thought of breastfeeding any longer. Help! I really want to stop, but I also dont want to get another absess. Any advice on blocked ducts and stopping breastfeeding safely please as I feel like I'm going out of my mind with worry......

RedHead81 Mon 22-Sep-08 21:36:17

firstly, congratulations!

can you express from the right breast? the best thing really for blocked ducts is to get the milk from there - either baby or pump! but it sounds as though you are having problems with the latch which is possibly why you are having these problems. this is a really good video for latch - i'd give that a try first - it may get rid of the blocked duct for you. if you do decide to give breastfeeding a miss then try to make sure that your breasts dont become engorged, because this will only make matters worse.

i would seek the advice of a bfing councillor or a bfing group near you.

good luck and hop all goes well.

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