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breastfeeding counsellors....

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starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 18:38:08

how can i find one?
I am in West Sussex (Crawley), and am beginning to think I need someone to help me out with this

Clayhead Sat 26-Feb-05 18:39:06

I have seen an NCT number posted here before, I'll see if I can find it!

Clayhead Sat 26-Feb-05 18:40:35

Breastfeeding Line: 0870 444 8708 (8am to 10pm, 7 days a week)

starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 18:41:37

thank you clayhead. is that just a phone service, or will someone be able to come and visit me do you know?

Clayhead Sat 26-Feb-05 18:44:01

I haven't used it myself but I think I've read on here that you leave a message and someone calls you back, don't know what happens after that, sorry.

Have also heard La Leche League is good.

You could always post whatever is bothering you on here and see if that helps. I did (leaky books ) and got loads of great advice.

starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 18:50:18

yeah I have had a few posts on here, but my main prob right now is that I keeeep on getting really sore boobs, resulting in me having to express until they heal blah blah blah...

I really want someone to come here and make sure I am getting him to latch on properly. The midwife said I had a really good position with him, and when my boobs are fine it doesn't hurt to feed, but eventually they start to get sore again.... so something must be wrong!

hewlettsdaughter Sat 26-Feb-05 18:57:55

La Leche League number: 0845 120 2918. Have you asked your midwives/HVs if there are any specialist counsellors near you? Good luck!

NotQuiteCockney Sat 26-Feb-05 19:00:47

How far is East Grinstead? I found this:

The local breast feeding drop in clinic which offers impartial information, and support to breastfeeding mums is run at East Grinstead Clinic on a Friday afternoon between 1.30 and 3pm, St Michaels Road, E.G. also for info or to talk to a counsellor call Julie 01342 410383

NotQuiteCockney Sat 26-Feb-05 19:08:41

Or Newhaven? There's a Babe Cafe, at the Summerhayes Centre, 10-11:30 am on Tuesdays. here

NotQuiteCockney Sat 26-Feb-05 19:09:08

As you can maybe tell, I'm good at websearches, but horrid at UK geography.

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 19:42:57

Starlover, only just seen this. I am in west Sussex too, as I think you know, and when I had baby No 4, I met mums on baby No 1 and they all talked about a breasfeeding cafe in Haywards Heath. I am sorry I don't know what it is called but they all spoke highly of it. I would help you myself having b/f 4 babies, but I am between homes at the moment and only in West Sussex at the w/es. (The rest of the time in Bristol).

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 19:45:38

try this

starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 19:59:14

thank you nqc and lonelymum!
east grinstead and haywards heath are both very easy for me to get to!

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 20:00:42

Get yourself down there then Starlover. Really, the first time mums I knew all spoke very highly of the HH baby cafe.

starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 20:03:03

i might visit it on monday then

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 20:03:52

Hope it helps.

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 20:04:04

How old is your baby now?

starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 20:04:43

he will be 3 weeks on monday. can't believe how quickly the time goes!

aloha Sat 26-Feb-05 20:27:10

Where did you have your baby? At Kings (my local hospital) they run breastfeeding 'clinics' where experts talk to you individually, watch you feed and give you tips on improving things - it really, really helped me. Just a tiny adjustment can make a huge difference. Your hospital may run something similar. Certainly worth asking about. Or your HV might know of a local group. Good luck. Our babies are a very similar age (dd 3weeks on Tuesday) and I know how hard it is to persevere when it hurts.

starlover Sat 26-Feb-05 20:28:51

i had him at east surrey hospital. in the hospital booklet it said there was a b/f counsellor there, but when i was having probs (had to stay in for 4 days cos he wouldn't feed), no-one offered for me to see her!

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 20:34:23

Oh only three weeks old Starlover - I thought he was older than that (sorry, a lot has been going on in my life for the last three weeks and it seems more like three months to me!) If you have only been b/f for 3 weeks, you are still in the establishing stage, so I should think there would be a lot a counsellor could do to help you. Don't despair that it isn't coming easily yet: there is still plenty of time to get it right.

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