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Advice please, do I move my 9 month old onto a cup or bottle?

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emskaboo Mon 22-Sep-08 10:58:27

Obviously would normally say cup but we are going away for one night when he is 11 months and I'm worried he won't be drinking enough from his cup (currently finds cup v amusing to bang but not really to drink out of).

So should I try introducing a bottle, and if yes how??

He's never had a bottle before and I tried offering one the other day at lunch and he just looked bemused, although he seemed quite pleased to have a nipple to play with that didn't involve me saying 'no darling' and stopping him pinching it! I am a total bottle virgin and really confused about what to do....

AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Mon 22-Sep-08 11:04:00

I would say stick to the cup. It's only one night, no? One with a straw-type top thingy maybe.
My 6 month old DS never had a bottle and wouldn't touch one, still never has, he's three. It took him a few weeks to master the cup alright, but he got it in the end.
Are you stopping BF, going cold turkey? That's what I did.

DD on the other hand had a bottle from 6 weeks, and is still hankering after it (she's 2.2 now, we've only just had it taken away by the fairies)

emskaboo Mon 22-Sep-08 19:26:15

Thanks Annie, sorry for the delay replying, bit of an odd day!

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